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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Palestinian Government In Collapse

It is almost at an end in Gaza as the civil war there rips through the streets. Left with no alternative, Abbas is set to dissolve the government as clashes in Gaza grow stronger:

President Mahmoud Abbas will dissolve the Palestinian Authority's government Thursday after fighting between rival parties Hamas and Fatah consumed the Gaza Strip and was expected to call for a state of emergency, sources close to Abbas confirmed to FOX News.

Abbas also intends to call for the deployment of a multinational force in Gaza and plans to appoint an independent politician to replace Ismail Haniyeh of
Hamas as prime minister, the aides said.

Hamas fighters took control from three of the rival Fatah movement's most important security command centers in the Gaza Strip, and witnesses said the victors dragged vanquished gunmen into the street and shot them to death execution-style.

Hamas has taken control of the Fatah-run National Security headquarters in Gaza City, the Islamic group claimed Thursday evening.

Earlier, Hamas forces took over the other main Fatah-linked security headquarters, in its steady takeover of important installations in the seaside territory.

Hamas also seized control of Rafah in the south, Gaza's third-largest city, according to witnesses and security officials. It was the second main Gaza city to fall to the militants, who captured nearby Khan Younis on Wednesday.

We knew this was going to happen when Hamas won the elections last January. These people cannot leave in peace with themselves, and they are showing it on the world stage. The run-up to this civil war was apparent weeks ago as Fatah and Hamas clashed with one another. It exploded in the last week or so as the clashes spilled itno the streets, and Hamas began its own reign of terror in Gaza.

The J-Post has more on Abbas' woes:

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday night issued a "presidential decree" dissolving the Hamas-led unity government and declaring a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories, PA officials here said.

They added that Abbas informed representatives of the Quartet of his decision and asked for their backing.

Abbas phoned US Secretary of State Condaleezza Rice and briefed her on the latest developments in the Gaza Strip, the officials added. They said Abbas was also planning to call for deploying an international force in the Gaza Strip to restore law and order.

"President Abbas has decided to fire the government," said one official. "Ismail Haniyeh is no longer the prime minister and soon there will be a new government."

Bardaweel pointed out that in any case a new government would have to be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council, which is still dominated by Hamas.

He said that the situation in the Gaza Strip was improving now that Hamas was in full control. "Now we can start implementing our security plan for imposing law and order," he said. "We even have no problem coordinating it with Fatah."

According to Israel Radio, Hamas's spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, rejected Abbas's announcement shortly afterward, claiming that according to Palestinian law, Abbas could not set up an emergency government.

I doubt that any nation wants to be a part of a peacekeeping force in Gaza, let alone the United States. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and is listed as such by the State Department. Appealing to Secretary of State Rice will not work. While we have tried to help in negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government for a peace plan, we would be fools to agree to protect Hamas, or help enforce any terrorist-backed government.



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