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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Welcome to the new digs

We decided to take Hugh up on his challenge. Yesterday, he pointed out that our old site, the Asylum, had a fairly unremarkable URL, and that it just didn't fit us. It didn't relay to the readers what we're about. This one does.

As many readers know, we fancy ourselves amongst the best lay scholars when it comes to the constitution, and it doesn't hurt that both Marcie and I have degrees in history. So, we know our American history quite well, and we remember the founding of this nation, and what it meant. In honor of that knowledge, we are now here, under the title and auspice of the men who assembled and argued for the very Constitution we live under, protect, and defend daily.

No, we're not switching up how we do things. We're still going to be commenting on politics, current events, and other such news. All of our links are still here, including the ones to the 101st Keebees. And, of course, all of our knowledge is still here, too.

Of course some may question why there are three names at the top, yet only two people doing the bulk of the blogging. An interesting question that demands an equally interesting answer.

As many know, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay literally wrote the book on the explanation of the US Constitution. It was a series of eighty five essays first started in October of 1787, and completed by August of 1788. Those essays argued for the ratification of the Constitution as it was written by the Second Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, 1787. The essays were called, simply, The Federalist.

Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote the bulk of those essays. John Jay wrote only five of the essays (number 2-5, and number 64). As Sabrina pens posts from time to time, on those rare occasions, she embodies the essence of John Jay. We do hope to have her back soon, and at this new site. When we spoke with her about this move, she was excited.

We all are. And we are happy to be in our new home. We hope you'll enjoy reading our commentaries as much as we enjoy writing them.

Publius II


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