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Monday, July 23, 2007

The bucks in the campaign: Why Democrats are outraising Republicans right now

A lot of hay is being made about the fact that the Democrats are raising more money than the Republicans in this election cycle. I say "hay" because the MSM is projecting this as a precursor to the election itself, and for some odd reason they think that those that raise the most money have a paved path to the Oval Office. That's a misnomer. Trust me, it is. Money can't buy the presidency because the presidency lies in the hands of the electorate.

Why can't the GOP raise money? Well, it's a conglomerate of a number of issues. Overspending; the amnesty bill; a lack of a spine to confront Democrats; Republicans, like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Trent Lott, undercutting the base. The list goes on and on. And this goes back to one, lone individual. Captain Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters blog. His "Not One Dime" campaign is still resonating within the 'Sphere and the grass-roots movement. People are sick and tired of seding money to the GOP fundraisers because they know the money is being placed in the coffers like the aforementioned three I noted above. These people don't represent the base. They've been openly hostile to the base, and they have executed initiatives that are contrary to the base's ideology. Why in God's name would we want our money going to these people? Likewise, the money would be spread around not only to them, but to other candidates we may not support. Why oh why would we send our hard-earned money to a group that refuses to critically dole out money to the candidates that we can't, in good conscience, support?

We are the electorate, and we are the taxpayers. We make our money the really old-fashioned way: We EARN it. We want it to be sent to people that we agree with. Ron Paul supporters can send it to him if they wish. the same goes for McCain supporters, Huckabee supporters, and Giuliani supporters. that's the point. We're not giving it to the fundraising groups. We'd rather give it directly to the candidates we support. How hard is that for the GOP fundraisers to get? We're not going to give them mnoney for people that are obviously not committed to the base, and what the base wants.

-- We want success in Iraq, and the GOP needs to understand that we want them fighting the Democrats on the retreat-and-defeat strategy.

-- We don't want amnesty for 12-20 million people that have come here illegally. This doesn't go to any "racist" ideals. It comes to security of the nation, and jihadis have a chance of being given the same sort of amnesty.

-- We want a president who will fight for what's right in America. President Bush hasn't communicated to the American people what's needed to keep this nation going nearly enough. We want a president that isn't afraid, or seemingly intimidated, to address the nation when it's absolutely necessary.

-- We want congressional leaders that will abide by conmservative standards, i.e. fiscal responsibility, strong on national security, strong on domestic policies.

Without this sort of determination, we're not giving them any more money. Face it Republicans. We're willing to give our money to those we trust and we believe in. But we're not going to spend our money unwisely. We never have and we never will. You can't fault us for giving in the past. We believed that we were giving it to responsible adults. We found out that we weren't.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you. There will be no third chances.

Publius II


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