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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Getting Under The Skin Of A Lying Blowhard

It would have been so much richer had Bryan @ Hot Air spoken directly with Representative John Murtha, but his lead peon will do. Bryan decided it was time to put a call into Representative Murtha's office with regard to the charges being dropped against those "cold-blooded, murdering" Marines. Like ourselves, Bryan believes that Representative Murtha owes an apology to the Marines he slandered. Listen to the audio over at Hot Air, and you'll see the secretary is less than forthcoming, and hangs up on Bryan.

There is really not much to say about this issue. John Murtha jumped the gun by accusing these Marines of murder. Since then, the investigation has led to the charges being dropped against a couple of them because the witnesses cannot corroborate the accusations and the forensic evidence does not fit the tale the prosecution was preparing to tell. It is reprehensible that a sitting US congressman has the ability to slander our troops for his own personal agenda. Censure is not enough for this man. He should be removed from office; forced to resign in disgrace. Lord knows that the Marines are not looking on him too fondly now. It is not often that a former brother takes to a soapbox and levels accusations that he cannot prove beyond the shadow of a doubt.



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