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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on Craig

Everyone knows that we -- Marcie, Sabrina, and I -- all believe that he should resign. But we're not the ones catching newsprint here. Another of his colleagues has basically said that, and he's within the leadership:

A member of the Senate Republican leadership suggested Thursday that Sen. Larry Craig resign in the wake of his guilty plea in a men's room undercover police operation.

"I think the pressure will continue to build," said Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who chairs the party's senatorial campaign committee.

Ensign told The Associated Press in his home state that Craig "admitted guilt, he plead guilty. It's a little different situation than just being accused of something."

Ensign stopped short of calling on Craig to resign his seat, but strongly suggested he do so.

"I wouldn't put myself hopefully in that kind of position, but if I was in a position like that, that's what I would do," he said. "He's going to have to answer that for himself."

Several other Republicans have called on Craig to step down, and Ensign's comments, coming from a member of the leadership, sent an unmistakable public signal that support for the Idaho Republican has eroded significantly.

I've said that his excuse doesn't float. I've also said that this has nothing to do with his excuse. This goes to the fact that he was initially charged with a literal sex crime. He plead it down to disorderly conduct. Regardless of what the charge was though, he covered up the arrest. He covered up the charge. He didn't tell his wife. He didn't tell his family. This goes directly to his integrity, his honesty, and his character. If he doesn't step down, his presence int he party is going to hurt us as the Democrats will be allowed to use the same tactics that they used in 2006 after the Mark Foley incident.

We are trying to show the nation that we're better. If he won't leave, and we can't persuade him to leave, the Democrats will have one more piece of firepower to use against candidates. This isn't acceptable. Forget the the nuances of the case, and focus on the fact that his character is gone, and as long as he stays in, he's a millstone around the party's neck.

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