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Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Column Up!!

That's right. It's the 16th of the month, and the new issue of Common Conservative is up, and awaiting your perusal, and what a doozy of an issue do we have for you this time ...

(Note to regular readers: Marcie and I are back at it again, after taking our couple days off for grieving. The newest posts are below this, so be sure to scroll down. This one remains at the top of the page until the 17th.)

The boss kicks off this issue with his thoughts about the Iowa straw poll. The media would like to make a bidg deal about it, but the majority of the nation yawned. The boss laughed.

Patrick Shanahan discusses the bridge collapse in Minneapolis and in short, his point is simple. Facts and patience, not emotional nuttiness is needed. Hammer. Nail. Head.

Larry Simoneaux makes the casual observance regarding his recent column on the Minutemen, and how some people just can't understand common sense without lashing out with emotional vitriol in regard to an opinion. He's talking hate crimes, and the slippery slope such thoughts lay on.

And Marcie and I compare the media in terms of it's coverage regarding those on the liberal side discussing the surge's early successes, and the New Republic/Scott Thomas Beauchamp fiasco.

Our guest columnists include Nancy Salvato, and her observations that some Americans accept ignorance over knowledge.

The lovely and talented wife has a solo column covering the New Republic/Scott Beauchamp issue. (She does have a tendency to get testy when idiots attack the troops.)

Chris Adamo discusses what comes from a loss of conservative values. While some blow this off, we take such an issue seriously as it leads to an erosion of our identity.

J.J. Jackson discusses Ron Paul, and a glaring oversight from his supporters regarding his nasty addiction to earmarks. (BTW, we dealt with Ron Paul earlier, and the Paul-bots weren't happy. Let J.J. deal with them this time.)

Doug Patton points out the obvious: that Barack Obama is no John F. Kennedy. (Side note: No Nerf bats were harmed int he creation of this column.)

And Jim Peterson finishes up this issue with his take on why Rudy Giuliani sounds like a feminist. (Jim makes good points, but Rudy is still more of a man that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton combined; Obama is still debating whether or not men are nuclear or not.)

Enjoy the writing. As always, we've worked hard to put together these columns, and all because we know you like to read them. Please, by all means, partake and appreciate the succulent wisdom.

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