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Friday, August 3, 2007

Zogby numbers tell the tale: Congress -- you suck!

OMG, I couldn't have written this if my life depended on it. From Don Surber:

Oh this is hilarious. I thought Bush’s approval at 34%, Democratic Congress 14% was funny, but the new numbers from the Zogby poll are ridiculously low.

Nelson Muntz said it

The survey said:

Survey shows just 3% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling the war in Iraq; 24% say the same for the President

This is from the Zogby site directly:

Just 24% give the president favorable ratings of his performance in handling the war in Iraq, but confidence in Congress is significantly worse – only 3% give Congress positive marks for how it has handled the war. This lack of confidence in Congress cuts across all ideologies. Democrats – some of whom had hoped the now Democrat-led Congress would bring an end to the war in Iraq – expressed overwhelming displeasure with how Congress has handled the war, with 94% giving Congress a negative rating in its handling specifically of that issue. ...

... To best show support for the troops, 42% believe Congress should fully fund the war in Iraq to maintain current troop levels, while 34% would favor attaching requirements for phased withdrawal to Iraq war funding. Just 18% said cutting all funding for the war in Iraq to bring troops home would be the best showing of Congressional support. Congress has proposed a bill continuing funding the war in Iraq, but that would require the withdrawal of the majority of troops there by Spring of 2008 – a plan favored by 49% of Americans. But nearly as many (45%) are opposed to this plan.

So, the moonbats are represented in this poll, and only 18% of those polled believe that the troops should come home now. That shows the sanity of the rest of the country. Respectively, the majority of those polled believe that the war should be funded, and slightly less believe a timetable should be included in the funding. That's a sharp contrast from the mantra the Left keeps spouting that "America elected us to bring the troops home." No, they didn't. They elected the Democrats in hopes that they would act more adult than the Republicans. As we have seen today the Democrats still haven't gotten the memo. They also missed the one about fiscal responsibility.

Some things change in Washington. Some things don't. And then there is always the comedy of errors that best describes Congress, at least when run by Democrats.

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