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Sunday, September 9, 2007

General Petreus speaks

Part one of his testimony began today, and part two will be presented tomorrow. I'm not even going to try and dig up the relevant information right now (I'm still printing out the pdf's from both his and Ambassador Crocker's testimony), but I will direct readers Allah's post over at Hot Air. He's got the money quotes and the links to the pdf's.

I will give you this, though, which is what we had expected from his testimony:

Update: He’s back and says the surge is working, but not before emphasizing that he wrote his testimony himself, that it wasn’t vetted by anyone, etc. He mentions Anbar as the signature theater of progress and sees the trend spreading, and says now that he thinks will be able to draw down to pre-surge levels by next summer. We can achieve our objectives, he says, but it’ll be neither quick nor easy. ...

... Update: Petraeus cites the capture of Hezbollah bombmaker Ali Mussa Daqduq as evidence that Iran is trying to build a parallel organization in Iraq to challenge the seat. That ignites the first protest in the back of the room, which is indecipherable but doubtless has to do with neocons gunning for war with Tehran. The Independent wrote the seminal article about Sadrist/Hezbollah collusion last month. Read it now if you missed it before.

Update: He says it would be “premature” to talk about post-surge withdrawal recommendations given the fluidity of events on the ground. In particular, he’s emphasizing the extent of Iranian involvement in Iraq. That’s a surprise given the emphasis Bush has been placing on AQ’s presence as the casus belli.

Update: Petraeus’s testimony ends — and Code Pink starts screaming “no one believes you anymore!” They’re dragging them out of the room now. Medea Benjamin’s still there in the row behind; she’ll eventually stand up and get thrown out too. — And there she goes, screaming just as Crocker was about to speak.

This was expected. From what he cites as success to the moonbats losing it in the Congressional hall. Get prepared for what's going to come about int he next week or so. A couple of congressmen decided to show Petreus just how much they don't trust him, and Duncan Hunter stepped in and slapped them silly.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some testimony I need to go over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched and listened. I also saw and heard the soros's and marxist's people cheered on by the muslim try to undermine a outstanding general and ambassador. Writer

September 10, 2007 at 9:59 PM  

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