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Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Column UpII

It's the 16th, and we all know what that means. Yes, the new issue of Common Conservative is up and awaiting your perusal.

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The Chief kicks this one off with his take on Norman Hsu and the Democrats dirty money problems. Coincidentally, he is also int he running as the most parodied name on the Internet now, as well, which makes Hillary equally jealous.

Patrick Shanahan follows up with an opinion regarding an election year idea revolving around a "divided government." It's an interesting and promising idea, at best. At worst? We get four more years of the three ring circus we've seen in government for the last seven years.

Larry Simoneaux offers his usual observance on a hot topic, namely bottled water. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me when I say that Larry's onto something here.

Marcie and I have devoted our column this issue to Iran, the problems they're causing in the region, and what might be a sensible solution to the problem.

Our guest columnists include Paige Turner who discusses the Democrat's senseless and disgusting behavior towards Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker. And she's right folks, we shouldn't be tolerating this sort of behavior any longer from elected representatives.

Doug Patton, ever a favorite for the site, follows up with who the Democrats could possibly draft for a candidate. Doug's dead right on the guy. He hates us more than the Democrats, and that's someone they can really rally around.

Chris Adamo gives his thoughts on the difference between scandal and corruption; a point that is lost on the Democrats, yet it drills them right between the eyes everyday.

John Lillpop discusses the MoveOn.org brain fart in their attack on Gen. Petraeus. Trust me folks, the Left obviously didn't learn their lesson back in '87 when they lambasted Col. Oliver North.

J.J. Jackson touches on the nanny state of being we seem to live in, and the fact that we, the indentured, seem to be a form of legal "slave" labor. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

And Jim Kouri offers his take on the Iraqi benchmarks that Congress is continually kvetching about. While we agree that certain things have yet to be met, the GAO fails to balance their assessment with the security situation on the ground which was designed to give the politicians their cover to act. That is a serious point Jim makes in his assessment.

Enjoy reading folks because we all work hard at these columns. None of them, or their subjects come easy. And as always, feel free to drop your thoughts in an e-mail to the authors. We always enjoy feedback.

Publius II


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