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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sarkozy warns the UN and the world about Iran

Yeah, I'm still dealing with the numbness across my body -- in my hands which I desperately need to type (this ain't easy, folks) -- but I can't completely ignore the site, or our obligations to readers and friends alike. So, here I am, and I'll be here tomorrow, too, but not with the amount of posts I normally knock down.

Today the UN was "entertained" by the "Dinner Jacket" from Iran, but not before the French president offered his two cents on Iran:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy piled pressure on Iran at the United Nations Tuesday, saying it would be unacceptable for the Islamic republic to get hold of nuclear weapons.

Sarkozy's comments came just hours before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was due to address the world body, in a speech expected to attempt to play down fears of Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

"Iran has the right to nuclear energy," Sarkozy told
world leaders at the General Assembly's 62nd session here. "But allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons would mean an unacceptable risk for regional and world stability."

Sarkozy added there would be no world peace if the international community "shows weakness in the face of the proliferation of nuclear weapons," in a speech received with loud applause from the rest of the assembly.

We're on the same page here. Readers know that we have watched Iran for some time, and we are under the belief that based on their secrecy that they are running a secret weapons program. They can't be allowed to produce or obtain these weapons. Unfortunately, his remarks fell on, for the most part, deaf ears. The UN doesn't care because they don't believe such a harmless looking and sounding guy could be a threat to them.

Mark our words, that would be a grave mistake to keep up that idea.

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