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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Issue Up!!!

It is the 16th of the month, and readers know what that means. Yes, it's another issue of Common Conservative where some of the best minds on the 'Net have tackled recent issues of politics and culture.

As always this post will remain at the top of the page for the next twenty-four hours. Any further posts will be below this (fat chance as it is difficult enough to type with numb fingers) so scroll down.

The Chief kicks off this issue with a question on Hillary's qualifications to be president.

Patrick Shanahan follows up with a discussion on diversity in the workplace contrived by human resources personnel that know little of "diversity."

Larry Simoneaux observes that sometimes justice is served in life on occasion, and when it is, it's the sweetest thing.

And Marcie and I deal with a potential schism in the GOP between Evangelical and Christian conservatives, and the Giuliani camp.

Chris Adamo leads the guest authors with his take on the "fauxny" liberal self-righteousness when it comes to Rush actually pointing out "fauxny" soldiers.

Robert Meyer gives his thoughts regarding the "great ideological divide in Christendom".

Sher Zieve takes on Congressman Waxman's "mission" to end free, political speech for talk radio hosts. (Memo to Waxman -- it WAS political speech the Framers were trying to protect.)

Jack Key throws cold water on the lies peddled by the MSM.

JJ Jackson takes a look at Rep. John Murtha and the fact that the slandering congressman will have to face the music in accusing United States Marines of murder in the Haditha incident.

And Nancy Salavato rounds out this issue with her thoughts on the fact that we are a mixed nation with opinions and ideas that may not mesh all the time, but ones nonetheless, that should be respected if we are to survive as a society.

Enjoy the fine writers that Mr. Lindaman has assembled here. We may not be the Weekly standard, but that doesn't mean we don't work any less harder than they do.

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