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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The McCain follies continue

Yes, we have a level of respect for John McCain, but our patience is running thin with this doddering old goat. Patrick Ruffini found this game on John McCain's website. It's a quiz-like game show that is nicely done. But the ugly side of the game pops out on question #7, and if you answer "Rudy Giuliani." This is your answer:

The nomination of Rudy Giuliani would likely lead to the formation of a third party made up of social conservatives. He would also likely get "swift boated" by fireman (sic), police officers, and even victims of 9-11 who are upset with his performance. According to recent polls by Survey USA, Rudy Giuliani loses swing states such as Ohio, Kentucky and Washington against Senator Clinton and even loses Virginia -- a state that has not voted Democrat since 1972. Rudy Giuliani changes the electoral map in a way that makes it very difficult for the GOP nominee to win. The correct answer was John McCain.

OK, first off, I could care less about SurveyUSA. Our polling data comes from RCP, Michael Barone, and a couple more reputable sources that SurveyUSA. (Mind you that SurveyUSA is the principle polling site that Ron Paul supporters use.)

Second of all, he's not going to get the "swift-boat" treatment from enough people to warrant killing his nomination. While there are a few disgruntled people in New York (like this was anything different from when he was mayor?) they will be nothing like the Swift Boat Vets who came out against John Kerry, and offered far more substantive accusations that those in New York likely will.

Third, with Rudy as the nominee, as Michael Barone pointed out, a great many states are put into play. This forces the Democrats to turn any state that could be flipped into a battleground state; forcing them to expend more money for Hillary. And I would love to see where Senator McCain got his numbers for Ohio, Kentucky, and Washington. They're so far down on the primary list that these states have yet to conduct any serious polling. The latest RCP polls (left sidebar) don't even include those three states yet, and in the head-to-head matchup, Hillary's supposed victory is within the margin of error; that makes this race right now very tight.

I'll give Johnny an "A" for effort on the quiz show idea, but the guy's getting an "F" for delivery. You can't just throw out wild accusations and innuendo and hope no one notices. Of course people are going to notice, and many voters are going to be turned off by this sort of crap. Voters know that this simply will not do in the nomination process. When candidates go negative against other candidates, especially like this sort of attack, it tends to backfire badly. McCain, as far as we can see, is out of the running for the nomination. This is a two man race -- three man, at best provided Fred can find some enthusiasm. Until then, John McCain could do everyone a favor by admitting he's a loser, and getting off the national stage.

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