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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bombshell gaffe for Obama

No one gave a rat's butt about John Edwards making an ass out of himself over his "mandatory" health care plan yesterday. Why? Because Edwards doesn't have a snowball's chance of getting the nomination. But Obama, especially given Hillary's recent weakened position in recent weeks, does have a shot, and he's basically saying the same thing as Edwards, minus the "they don't have a choice" answer Edwards gave to reporters yesterday. Now, this is in a story completely unrelated to the quote I'm about to post below, but it doesn't change the fact that the Democrats are promoting a totalitarian response to many problems the nation is facing:

But, he said, Clinton has not specified how she would enforce a mandate for coverage.

"[It's] more of a political point that she's trying to make rather than a real point," Obama said.

The issue of mandates for health care has driven the debate between Clinton and Obama for the past few weeks. Obama says he would enforce his mandate for health care for all children by fining parents if they refused to allow health care coverage for their children.

"I am happy to be very clear how we enforce mandates for children, and the reason is because children don't have an option."

And despite what Barack Obama might think, it's not up to the taxpayer to pick up the tab for those that have put other things ahead of their health care. Look, we can browbeat those that opt for the big screen TV, entertainment center, and vacations over buying health insurance. But are both he and Edwards aware of the amount of people that make choices between a roof over their head as opposed to health care? Health care ain't cheap. Trust me, I know. The insurance, while it does alleviate quite a bit of the cost, it doesn't cover all of it, and for some people they just simply can't afford it.

The solution isn't mandating that taxpayers foot the bill, including punishing those that tell Edwards and Obama to take a flying leap off a rolling doughnut. The solution can be helped, in part, by a level of government intervention, but the market needs time to figure out a solution. Furthermore, I'd like to know if what Obama and Edwards' answers are to what Bryan Preston brings up, as he covers this serious mistake on Obama's behalf:

And how might illegal immigration play into this? Currently, we have 12 to 20 million in the country illegally, and wherever you look, they’re stressing hospitals by failing to pay for treatments that they’re seeking. Only an absurd government would force illegal aliens to sign up for mandatory health care coverage but then turn around and let them get away with actually being here illegally in the first place.

Unlike Obama or Edwards, Bryan's got a point and a clue, and these two jokers don't even come close to a real solution. Thanks Barack. We appreciate the fact that almost every time you open your yap, you just keep proving to the nation that you're still a wet-behind-the-ears, first-term senator that hasn't got what it takes to lead this nation.

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