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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not Even Nessie Is Safe From Islamic Terrorism

No, I am not making this up. However Ace @ Ace of Spades does get the nod for this story. From FOX News:

An east London electrician accused of having terror ties claimed he was not attending training camps but hunting for the Loch Ness Monster during a trip to Scotland with other terror suspects, the Scottish Daily Record reported Saturday.

Kader Ahmed, 20, who faces three counts of attending a place used for terrorist training, told a U.K. court that he visited Inverness and Loch Ness three years ago with a group organized by preacher Mohammed Hamid, the Daily Record reported. Four members of this group have been convicted in the July 21, 2005 London bomb plot.

Ahmed, who went on paintball and other camping excursions with Hamid’s group, said he believed it was harmless fun “like Scouts or Cadets,” and that he did not believe the group was breaking the law.

In fact, Ahmed claimed, Hamid asked a senior cop “a number of times” if the group’s activities were legal in the aftermath of the July 2005 attacks and was told they were not breaking the law, the Daily Record reported.

The attack on the Glasgow airport was the first terrorist attack since the Lockerbie bombing. I would tend to be careful if I were a jihadi in Scotland. The Scots do love their Nessie. She is a symbol of national pride. Going after her is not a wise move at all.

Of course, we never have credited them too much for brains. Lord knows this excuse is not going to sit well with the authorities.



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