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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thoughts about Romney's speech

I figured I'd leave this as a "goodnight" to readers, or a "good morning" to those just waking up. ...

Mitt Romney is slated to give his speech today -- the one on Faith in America. I'd like to posit a few notions about it, in advance of it. I do think the speech will be fine. It'll be good. I don't think it's going to address what is being questioned about his faith, and for that we commend him. It's none of anyone else's business what the theology of his faith is. (As I wrote yesterday, I know more about the Mormon faith than most non-Mormons do, and I've yet to say word one about that. I won't. It's not my place to say it. You want to know about it, talk to Mormons.)

I think that as we watch things unfold in Iowa, we're seeing a skewed picture. I don't think the polls are accurate. I think the race between Governors Romney and Huckabee is much closer than is being reported. Given that Mike Huckabee had a bad day yesterday (Wayne Dumond parole, not knowing what was in the NIE, being nailed for calling on Gitmo's closure, being endorsed by the New Hampshire NEA) if Mitt Romney's speech is good, he's in trouble.

If Mitt Romney knocks this speech out of the park, the best Mike Huckabee can hope for is second in Iowa, and likely New Hampshire; the latter due to the poll numbers released yesterday about Romney's edge there. Mike Huckabee's bleeding from the Dumond issue. Given all the press yesterday, despite his denials, there are a lot of people that are questioning his surge, and whether or not he's been truthful about the situation. Many, like us, are completely skeptical.

Mitt Romney has the chance of a lifetime to finish off the Huckabee threat. He has the chance to really make this a two-man race as pundits observing the race have predicted. This speech could serve as a boon or a burden to him, depending on how he delivers it (which we have no worries there ) and how it's received.

We could give a rat's ass what the media thinks. They won't be satisfied no matter what he says. They're looking for something he's not going to talk about. He's going to talk about faith in America, and the fact that we do have tolerance of other faiths than the ones we subscribe to. He's going to talk about how his faith has been his moral, guiding light, and that when it comes to big decisions he has to make as a president, he'll base them on the morals in his heart and soul. They won't be based on his theological beliefs. They won't be based on dogma or doctrine. They'll be based on those morals that he remembers from growing up.

He will make decisions based on those, and his experience as a chief executive of a state. If he makes the speech on this, it's a home run. That's what we're predicting. If we're wrong, them's the breaks. We only read the tea leaves, and what we see right now is a man who's going to confront something that shouldn't even be an issue, but a number of close-minded individuals have made it one.

Give 'em Hell, Mitt. We know you can do it. you wouldn't have gotten this far if you couldn't fight with the best of them.

Publius II


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