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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No one-on-one debate for McCain, Romney

Which really sucks for voters who have been wanting to see these two go at it since their little war started. From The Politico's Johnathan Martin:

NBC invited John McCain and Mitt Romney onto “Meet the Press” Sunday for a final debate before Super Tuesday. Romney, now the underdog and eager for opportunities to take on the frontrunner, immediately accepted. McCain, who appeared on the show last week and is looking to protect a lead, declined.

There has yet to be a head-to-head debate between the two frontrunners and likely won't be one before voters in 21 states go to the polls next week.

McCain and Romney will be joined by Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul tonight at the Reagan Library in a forum sponsored by Politico, CNN and the Los Angeles Times.

Romney was willing, and McCain opted out. that says something about the current frontrunner. I wonder if it's a lack of confidence in himself, or the fear that he might actually get his butt kicked in a debate, which could influence the vote on Super Duper Tuesday? Let's face hard facts here about the candidates. The Huckster and Ron Paul won't take the nomination. Aside from the Iowa win, the Huckster hasn't won squat since. Ron Paul has won NO primaries at all, and probably won't win any on Tuesday. (Expect him to be the next one bowing out on 6 February after a trouncing he won't recover from on SDT.)

So, we basically do have a two man race right now between these two, and the voters should see them debate one another for the coveted prize of the nomination. If not, then it falls to them to put their message out in ads. The problem is that neither one of them is really doing that. Both are taking swipes at one another, which leaves many voters cold and indifferent to both of them.

The presidential election is about ideas, and always has been. Reagan, in his bid, made voters look to the future, not the past, and not to his opponents. He stayed on message, and was a brilliant communicator. Both Romney and McCain share similar traits (other than McCain's incessant redux that goes back to Reagan rather than looking to the horizon). His refusal to do a one-on-one with Romney is denying the voters what they need, right here and right now, before SDT. They need to see what both men stand for, and a debate would have been the easiest way to show their strengths to voters.

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