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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Democrats and lobbyists -- the connection no one wants to talk about

Paging Bill Keller at the New York Times -- Get off your ass and look at a REAL lobbyist story:

Both Democratic presidential candidates, who promise to curb the influence of corporate lobbyists in Washington, helped enact narrowly tailored tax breaks sought by major campaign contributors.

Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign has accepted $54,350 from members of a law firm that in 2006 lobbied him to introduce a tax provision for a Japanese drug company with operations in Illinois, according to public records and interviews. The government estimates the provision, which became law in December 2006, will cost the treasury $800,000.

In 2002, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced legislation at the request of Rienzi & Sons, a Queens, N.Y., food importer, according to company president Michael Rienzi. The provision, which became law in December 2004, required the government to refund tens of thousands of dollars in duty charged on imported tomato products, Rienzi told USA TODAY.

Rienzi gave $110,000 to committees set up to support Clinton's 2000 Senate race, records show. Rienzi family members contributed an additional $52,800 to her campaigns since 2000. Michael Rienzi also said he donated to Bill Clinton's presidential foundation, but he declined to say how much.

At issue is a little-known congressional practice of suspending import taxes on specific products at the request of companies. Typically, Congress passes a tariff bill every two years that includes a variety of such measures.

So here is a real story regarding two elected representatives of the government doing exactly what lobbyists wanted them to do. This is what Bill Keller and the fools at the New York Times accused John McCain of doing, which he didn't, and they turn a blind eye to these two. Furthermore, as Captain Ed points out John McCain hasn't ever done this. He refuses to do this.

John McCain isn't beholden to lobbyists, but both Hillary and Obama are. But Bill Keller and his crew at the New York Times don't want to report on that. They'd rather follow the stupid attacks that Hillary throws at Obama, or Obama's fainting fans. But God forbid the Times actually cover real news, and do so accurately.

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