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Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

Thomas has not felt well for the last day or so, and he is asleep, so it falls to me to put up the reminder to readers that it is the 16th of February, and that means the new issue of Common Conservative is now available. This issue's writers are as varied as the conservative thought you will read.

Thomas Lindaman begins with his take on the potential nominees for the presidency. And like many conservatives, he is not happy.

Patrick Shanahan discusses the fight for Ronald Reagan's conservative mantle. Needless to say, no one has a monopoly on it this election.

Thomas and I opine on the impending nomination of John McCain as the Republican nominee, and what it means to conservatives.

Larry Simoneaux gives his casual observations on the Clintons using the race card in this election, and how it has backfired on them.

Mr. Lindaman begins the guest columnists with a book review. While we have not heard of the book, this review has put it on our "must buy" list.

John Lillpop talks about Hillary's feminist credentials, and raises some skeletons that Senator Clinton may have forgotten, but feminists have not.

Frank Salvato warns conservatives of the trap they may step in if they follow the path of Ann Coulter, and others upset over John McCain's apparent nomination.

Jeff Lukins reminds John McCain that there is more to this election than just the war, and that if he is smart, he will start discussing a subject that even he admits he is weak on.

J.J. Jackson warns people that we have compromised far too much, and seemingly lack the ability to take a stand when it counts the most.

Frank Hyland reminds us that with change comes responsibility to do the right thing, and all too often the youth of the nation lack the basic education to understand what may be asked of them when "change" comes.

By all means, read and enjoy! And please remember that this post will remain at the top of the page through tomorrow, so scroll down for any updates. Thank you.



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