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Sunday, March 9, 2008

MI5 investigating four possible moles

They're not exactly sure, but they're sure enough that they're investigating four possible al Qaeda moles. They're Asian, and are believed to have ties to radical Islamicists in London and ties to al Qaeda in Pakistan. And no, this doesn't come as a surprise to us as it fits how al Qaeda is trying to to operate in Europe right now. The bad news is that they are in the Metro Police, and it's believed they may have blown clandestine operations already:

Four police officers in Britain's top force are reportedly under close secret service surveillance after being identified as Al Qaeda spies, it emerged today.

MI5 are said to have homed in on the the "sleeper" agents passing secrets from Scotland Yard to the terror group only in recent weeks.

The suspected spies are believed to have used methods similar to those employed by the IRA in the 1970s as they infiltrated the police and the Army in Northern Ireland.

All four are understood to be Asians living in London and are feared to have links both with Islamic extremists in Britain and worldwide terror groups - including Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

MI5 chiefs reportedly believe the suspected moles have been planted as sleepers - agents under deep cover - to keep Al Qaeda informed of anti-terror raids planned by London's Metropolitan Police.

They are said to fear the four could have already accessed sensitive information about secret operations to root out terror cells planning further attacks in the UK.

Scotland Yard refused to discuss allegations that a sleeper cell of Al Qaeda spies is being kept under secret service surveillance after infiltrating the Metropolitan Police.

People should have known that something like this was bound to happen. We have located, identified, and apprehended more than a couple "sleepers" in the military helping al Qaeda. Just last week, a Navy signalman was convicted of helping al Qaeda by funneling intelligence to them. We knew that al Qaeda would try to infiltrate higher levels of the government, especially law enforcement and intelligence services. As yet we haven't caught any here (to our knowledge), but the Brits have. In Iraq, part of the problem pre-Surge was the infiltration of militia groups and foreign terrorists into the new Iraqi Security forces.

This isn't a good thing. Hopefully, MI5 nails these guys before they have a chance to reveal anything too sensitive their their comrades.

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