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Sunday, March 16, 2008

New issue on "stands" now

Time flies when you're having fun, and it feels like I just did this last week. But it's not so. However, the new issue of Common Conservative is out and ready for readers to dive into another fine group of timely, informative columns from a stellar line-up of pundits. This post will remain at the top of the page for the next 24 hours, so scroll down for any updates.

The Chief kicks us off with a column regarding the Democrat's desire to change the primary rules, and give Florida and Michigan do-overs.

Patrick Shanahan is off this issue, but his previous column about how Democrats manipulate tragedy is still relevant.

Larry Simoneaux discusses Prince Harry's contribution to the war effort against radical Islamofascism.

And Marcie and I give a brief overview of the Tony Rezko trial, and who it could ultimately effect.

The Chief kicks off the guest columns with his take on the recent departures from the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and all due to them exercising their freedom of speech.

Jim Peterson bags on Eliot Spitzer by asking the question "Who would pay $4300 for sex." At last check, Bill Clinton was unavailable for comment.

Frank Hyland explains how politicos like to push your buttons to see what you think about things, like a national health care program. Good piece, and he hits the nail on the head with that last paragraph.

Chris Adamo brings up an interesting conundrum involving the marriage of the spiritual church and the secular church.

Jim Kouri reminds readers of the recent trial which found a signalman aboard the USS Benfold guilty of giving classified information to our enemies.

Be sure to get your copies hot off the newsstand before their gone. Really, these things are moving faster than spin Barack Obama is writing about his former, racist pastor.

Enjoy reading!

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