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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can we please stop the whining already?

Obama whines that ABC was unfair to him in bringing up Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko in the debate held last week; a performance the moonbats spun as dirty pool, which is why Obama looked as bad as he did. Today ABC reports the Bill Clinton is whining that if the Democrats had the same primary system that the GOP has, Hillary would be in the lead:

Former President Bill Clinton, speaking to reporters after his wife’s event in Pittsburgh, PA Monday, said that under the republican primary system –- his wife would be ahead by hundreds of delegates.

"I did not actually get the delegates necessary to have a first power of the nomination under the crazy system the democrats have," Clinton said. "If we were under the republican system which is more like the electoral college, she would have a 300 delegate lead ...It's an eternity 'til the general election, an eternity."

ABC News' Political Unit did some quick math and added up all the pledged delegate counts for the winner-take-all Democratic contest. As of the most recent count on the eve of the Pennsylvania state primary, Senator Hillary Clinton has won 15 state contests and was awarded 1430 delegates, not including unpledged (a.k.a. "superdelegates"). Barack Obama has won 29, and has 1257 delegates.

According to ABC's math -- Clinton would hold more like a 173 delegate-lead if her and Obama were competing in the Republican primary system given the GOP system doesn't have superdelegates. President Clinton was correct, but overestimated what his wife's lead would be by about half.

And who made the changes to the Democrat's rules? Why, it was Democrats. This schedule was assembled to be favorable to Hillary Clinton. Now he's whining that this way is the wrong way to run a primary. Well, don't whine about it. Change the rules for the next primary. Of course, the Clintons want to change the rules now to include two states that shouldn't be seated, no matter what. They moved up their primary days, and were punished by the DNC for doing so.

I'm sick of the whining, folks. I'm sick to death of it. If we knew that the democrats were going to act like spoiled children being denied a toy because they act like children, then maybe we should have sat this out until after Labor Day. Of course, had we done that, we wouldn't be as informed about these yo-yo's as we are. So, I suppose you take the good with the bad, and just slog through this mess.

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