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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If this is true ....

... Then we're not going to lay off his wife. From Newsbusters:

In all the fuss over Barack Obama going on ABC and telling his opponents to "lay off my wife," some might have assumed that Obama was implying that Michelle Obama wasn't a major player in the Obama campaign. Read the transcript again, and you'll notice he never says that. (Michelle, however, felt compelled in that interview to deny Robert Novak's buzz that she axed Hillary from the ticket.)

All this reminded me of an April 24 CBS Evening News story where Katie Couric spent some gummy-grinned giggle time inside the Obama campaign HQ. As she surveyed the press shop, a camera found this sheet of paper with a Barack declaration of policy: "Whatever Michelle Says Is The Message."

Here's what Couric was saying as the shot hit the screen:

Then there's the press operation, answering questions from reporters, trying to tamp down any controversy, in constant contact with the road while trying to make sure the message of the day survives.

So when Barack says "lay off my wife," is he following the wife's message orders?

So, Michelle makes up the message of his campaign? Does he support and endorse this message? How about this message? Or this one? Is this a message he stands behind?

The only reason we're even asking this question is because his wife does make some rather controversial statements on the stump. If she's fashioning his message, then we have a problem, especially when he's telling people to back off of her. Guess what, folks? There is no way in Hell we're going to back off of her if she's the one giving him his talking points, and emphasizing other aspects of his campaign.

Again, if Obama wants us to lay off of her, then he'd better shut her up. Until then, the beatings will continue every time we feel the need to nail her on her comments. She comes off as a bitter woman, despite all that this nation has given her in terms of opportunities. People come away with a sense that she is demanding, given some of her rhetoric about what her husband will "demand" of the people of this nation. At times, such as the last link above, she comes off as condescending, even moreso than her husband does.

We'd love to know if what is in that photo above is true. In the Obama campaign, does the buck stop with her?

HT to K-Lo at NRO's Corner

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