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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MITCH-SLAPPED! The Senate Shuts Down

In an effort to stop this nonsense called "Lieberman/Warner" (the climate control bill that was being considered by the Senate) Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Minority leader has "Mitch-slapped" Harry Reid again. From Martin Kady II @ Politico:

Overshadowed by the hype of Barack Obama's victory lap on the Senate floor today is a simmering dispute between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over President Bush's remaining judicial nominees.

McConnell has essentially shut down the Senate floor this afternoon by forcing the Senate clerk to read aloud the entire 500 page global warming bill. So if legislative language is your thing, turn on C-SPAN and watch the Senate at its best, or worst, depending on your perspective.

McConnell (R-Ky.) believes Reid (D-Nev.) has backtracked on a promise to clear a significant number of Republican judicial nominees, but Democrats are becoming more and more hesitant to give Bush judges a lifelong appointment to the federal bench in the waning months of this White House.

"The Democratic majority has refused to honor its commitments," McConnell said.

"It apparently believes that commitments do not matter in the United States Senate, and that actions do not have consequences."

One of those consequences, apparently, is a complete shut down of the Senate.

Here's a snippet of the full response from Reid spokesman Jim Manley on the Republican maneuver.

"Devoid of ideas for addressing global warming and unwilling to work with us to strengthen our weakening economy and energy policy, Republicans have now resorted to changing the subject with inaccurate attacks.

“Senator Reid pledged a good-faith effort to have the Senate consider three court of appeals nominees before the Memorial Day recess, with the explicit caveat that achieving that goal depended on Republican cooperation. The Senate did, in fact, confirm Virginia Supreme Court Judge Steven Agee to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in May, and Chairman Leahy expedited Judiciary Committee consideration of two nominees to Michigan seats on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. These nominations were the result of many years of negotiation between the White House and the Michigan Senators."

Senator Mitch McConnell was just on Hugh Hewitt's show, and reported that the response from Harry Reid is disingenuous. That was not the deal that had been struck, and Harry Reid has not held up his end of the deal. So, we get a two-fer here. Not only do we send the message that we are still committed on getting the president's judicial nominees through their due process.

The second upside is that it is forcing the Democrats to be completely transparent on this bill, and in particular the Boxer amendment discussed here @ PowerLine. The entire bill is a walking disaster, in and of itself, of environmental "Chicken Little" ideas that will do absolutely nothing to help the environment. It will hurt business, and constrain us in dealing with a looming fuel crisis.



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