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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama: Is He Bigger Than The Clintons In Hollywood?

Jeffrey Ressner @ The Politico asks that question in an interview with Rob Reiner. Now I am not going to cite any part of the interview. This is due only to the fact that it is a particularly boring interview. The central question is simple:

Is Obama bigger than the Clintons in Hollywood?

I think the question is improperly conveyed. He is likely to have the support of Hollywood; at the very least 98% of their support. Hollywood loves liberals. It is not out of anything other than ideological similarities. Hollywood is thoroughly insulated from the "real world." Actors and actresses, producers and directors, etc., all live in a fantasy world where they are waited on by their "handlers." Actors and actresses have "go-fers" that handle everything from their coffee of their dry cleaning. And they always gush over them. Sort of like how supporters of Senator Obama gush over him.

I also think the main reason why they jumped on the Obama coattails, and not on Senator Clinton's during the primaries is because the Clintons are yesterday's news. There is little that Hillary or Bill can do for Hollywood. When they were in the White House they could hand out favors, invite them to dinner, stay in the Lincoln bedroom, and such. Now, that cannot be handed out. They are in no position to hand out favors.

Senator Obama, on the other hand, could very well do that if he were elected. Additionally, I think Hollywood has joined the rest of the country who are simply sick of the Clintons. They were in our lives for eight years while Bill was president, and as long as Hillary is a senator, they continue to be here. The nation would love nothing more than to see both of them go back to Arkansas, and fade into obscurity. But that will never happen. They love the limelight. They love the attention. And they are not happy that the press, Hollywood, and many of their old friends are treating Barack Obama like a rock star. That, sadly, is their problem.

They should have known that when he gave the speech at the Democrat National Convention in 2004 that he was going to be a rising star in the party. The press simply went ga-ga over his speech, and noted that he had the potential to be president. Now, he is on that fast track.

Mr. Reiner said that he would do whatever was asked of him in terms of campaigning for Senator Obama, ad that he had spoken with his friends who also pledged support for him. Hollywood loves that star potential, and Senator Obama has plenty of it. Bill and Hillary had that, too. Recall the movie "Primary Colors" which was loosely based on Bill Clinton's 1992 run for the presidency? Could Hollywood do the same with Barack Obama? They could, and everyone knows that Hollywood can paint a person as good or bad.

Is he bigger? We do not think so. We think he is just the newest flavor of the month for Hollywood. He will have their support, and they will do whatever they can to see him win the presidency. He is young and charismatic, and they do so love that about people. The Clintons are old and out of the loop, so to speak. And Hollywood, just like America, in general, is probably fed up with the Clintons. It is simply a matter of Hollywood moving on, and the Clintons not getting the memo yet.



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