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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TIME talks to Obama

I heard this on the morning show I listen to in Arizona. Barry Young runs the 8-10 AM show on KFYI, and his co-host brought this interview to his attention. Here's the money quotes for you:

Was there anything you saw on this trip that changed your mind? John McCain, as you know, is saying, "Well, he already knew what he was going to think before he got there."

Well, I thought John also suggested that I'm always changing my mind, so he's got to make up his mind about what he says about my mind.

But is there any area in which you really feel as if you've changed your mind?

Look, I feel as if I had a good grasp of the situation before I went. It confirmed a lot of my beliefs with respect to the issues. ...

Get that, folks? Remember what he touted his overseas trip as? He said it was a fact-finding trip. He wanted to see Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, France, and Britain. He wanted to meet with the leaders in those countries and see how things were going. He wanted to met the leaders so that he would be familiar with them for the next eight to ten years.

What we saw was it was a campaign rally. It wasn't a fact-finding trip at all. But the quotes above underscore Obama's arrogance. McCain pegged him perfectly. He did say that Obama already had his mind made up, and after he takes a swipe at McCain, he then tells TIME that McCain was right. He already had his mind made up.

Now this isn't exactly news, but it does show us something about Obama. Presidents may have preconceived notions and stances, but they shouldn't be set in concrete. There will be things that arise that they'll have to actually think about. Take, for example, President Bush. He didn't want to be a wartime president. He wanted his terms peaceful. But on 11 September he was forced to make a decision on how to react to those attacks. Now if his ideas of peace were concrete and unwavering, we never would have retaliated the way we did. He would've taken the Clinton route and fired cruise missiles to blow up terrorist camps.

What will Obama do if he's elected? He's already said that, knowing what he does know about the surge and it's success that he would've still voted against it. He says he'll listen to the commanders on the ground to determine a course of action, but then says he's committed to ending the operations in Iraq. He recognizes the energy problems we have right now, but refuses to budge on making us energy independent. What he says and what he believes seem to be two different things. And if he's elected, his preconceptions aren't going to help this nation move forward.

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