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Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN under criminal investigation in Ohio

All we have to say is "it's about damn time." Given all the stories running around about ACORN and their efforts in voter fraud, it's about time someone took note of their tactics. From the Plain Dealer blog:

Two Cleveland men who each signed multiple registration cards as part of a national voter registration drive told the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections today they did so to help ACORN canvassers keep their jobs.

One of the men said he was sometimes offered a cigarette or a dollar bill by workers with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. "They would come up with a sob story when they needed a signature," said Freddie Johnson.

The other man, who came to the board wearing a Domino's pizza delivery shirt, said he would tell ACORN workers who approached him while he was reading on Public Square that he already was registered. But the workers would persist.

"They'd just keep saying I could help them hold onto a job," said Christopher Barkley.

Cuyahoga board of elections members learned recently that many ACORN canvassers had quotas and often had to scramble to meet them. Board employees had flagged a number of registration cards handed in by ACORN that showed the same names, but with different addresses or birth dates.

After testifying, both men were led to a private office and were interviewed by Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputies. The board decided during its meeting that it would turn over the ACORN investigation to the sheriff and county prosecutor's office.

A sheriff's deputy said neither Johnson nor Barkley have been charged with a crime, but could be used as witnesses later.

ACORN has been under fire in several states for possible fraudulent voter registration activities.

Why is this relevant? Other than the fact that these people are knowingly engaging in fraud through voter registration? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Obama is tied to these people. He can deny it all he wants, but the proof popped out this past weekend, minus the FOX fanfare. Charles Johnson broke it yesterday. There's a link to the pdf file that was scrubbed from ACORN's website in an effort to distance themselves from the man they want in the Oval Office. Excerpt from LGF:

Obama started building the base years before. For instance, ACORN noticed him when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. He was a very good organizer. When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois’ refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act, also known as motor voter. Allied only with the state of Mississippi, Illinois had been refusing to allow mass-based voter registration according to the new law. Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5000 of them).

Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for State Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends.

At that link is a picture of him meeting with ACORN members. The lie that Obama keeps peddling that he had no official ties to the organization are now laid to bare. Will the media pick this up? Nope. It's going to come down to 527s launching ads in battleground states -- especially those states included in the ACORN investigations. And even though Ace has no link to back up the story, he does have it on reputable sources that ACORN is going to be looking at RICO charges, possibly tomorrow, in Ohio which will surely put a damper on their efforts to get "The One" elected via their fraudulent efforts. Gateway Pundit caught the Obama camp scrubbing their "fight the smears" part of his campaign website regarding ACORN. He clearly wants to make sure any connection he has to this group goes down the memory hole, never to be discovered again. Here's the rub about that, and his IT people should know this. You can't get rid of it once it goes up on the 'Net. It is always cached somewhere, and we will find it.

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