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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Issue Up!!!

It's the first of October -- the first of the month -- and that means the newest issue of Common Conservative is published and is eagerly awaiting your prying, perusing, perky eyes.

As always, this post will remain at the top of the page for the day so you can easily click to whichever piece you'd like to read, though we recommend all of them. Newer posts will be below this one, so scroll down.

The Chief starts us off with a piece about Obama's "winning" charm, and how that has disappeared in recent weeks, and has been replaced by a much more condescending attitude.

Larry Simoneaux uses that laser-beam sharp intellect to look at the recent financial setbacks, and realizes "the fix" might be in for us.

And Marcie and I address the Sarah Palin chronicles as we note that the ire on the Left is definitely in high gear.

Kicking off the guest columns are Marcie and I, again, only this time we're killing a rumor running around the 'Net about Biden being dumped in favor of Hillary. (Give it up already, you guys. Obama ain't ditching Biden!)

Christopher Adamo follows us up with his piece on the media vs. Sarah Palin, and notes that the harder they hit her, the nastier the backlash is within the electorate.

John Lillpop talks about the financial problems we have right now, and observes that if we really want to find a way out of it, we need to fight back, and deal a blow to the idiots that caused this mess in the first place.

Carey Roberts addresses a problem the Democrats have in electoral politics; namely the loss of white males, which will ruin their prospects again this year. (Memo to the Left -- as Paul Begala opined just a few months ago, Democrats "can't win with African Americans and eggheads. That was the Dukakis coalition" and that gave the Democrats four years of Bush the senior.)

Ralph Reiland talks economics and shows us all that neither Obama or the New York Times seem to understand the gravity of the financial situation we're in right now.

And Doug Patton wraps up this issue with a comparison to Atlas Shrugged using the current economic woes, and wonders if it's time for our "Atlas Shrugged" moment.

Enjoy reading, folks!

Publius II


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