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Friday, November 14, 2008

The age of political terrorism

HT To Captain Ed

Political thuggery isn't unknown in America. Cases of it have plagued the election process in this country for a long time. But never before has it directly targeted a religion that I'm aware of. Now it has, and this is appalling:

The FBI says a letter containing a suspicious white powder sent to a Mormon temple in the Westwood area of Los Angeles was not hazardous.

The temple was evacuated Thursday while a hazardous materials crew tested the substance and determined it was non-toxic.

A temple in downtown Salt Lake City received a similar envelope containing a white powder that spilled onto a clerk's hand. The room was decontaminated and the envelope taken by the FBI for testing. A spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department says the clerk showed no signs of illness, but the scare shut down a building at Temple Square for more than an hour.

Protests in recent days have targeted the Mormon church, which encouraged its members to support the recently passed amendment banning gay marriage in California.

Let me be perfectly clear here. Whoever did this needs to be found, needs to be arrested, and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is domestic terrorism, and it's all over the fact that the LDS Church invested a lot of time and effort into the Prop 8 fight in California. It doesn't matter than the powder is non-toxic. It's the act itself that is the crime.

I'm so sorry that gays in California lost this fight. (Actually, no I'm not, and I'll explain that.) But just because they lost the Prop 8 battle doesn't give them the right to engage in this sort of behavior. Ever since Prop 8 passed, gays have protested outside of the Mormon temple in LA, have harassed Mormons going to their wards, and they've protested outside of Catholic churches. They're ticked that they can't get married in California, but they lost fair and square by over 500,000 votes! If they want to get ticked at anyone, they ought to be ticked they couldn't turn out more voters in favor of gay marriage.

Now, why am I not sorry they lost? Marcie and I are Catholic. We do not condone their lifestyle. That's our choice, and it's also doctrine of our Church. If voters had mandated that gay marriage was allowed in a state, fine. We won't support it, but we'll respect the will of the voters. But to us this is aberrant behavior, and we don't support it. We believe, as the Bible declares, that marriage is between a man and a woman alone.

I remember that Tammy Bruce explained a while back why she opposed gay marriage, so it's not just us heterosexuals that dislike this idea. She said it was due to the promiscuity in the gay community, especially among men. But putting that aside, we find it disgusting that gays are acting the way they are towards the religions involved in the fight to right a wrong. The California State Supreme Court overturned the will of the voters so the voters responded by making this an amendment to the state constitution to prevent the courts from doing this again.

Instead of going through the process, and appealing the law to the federal courts, the gays have chosen to act like the animals we're fighting abroad. And no, don't argue that. They're using the same sort of tactics, and those tactics are against the law. I hope the gays that participated in this are having a jolly time slapping each other on the back for this disgusting behavior. And we hope the FBI will carry through on this investigation and nail these bastards that did this.

Publius II


Blogger knowitall said...

Just goes to show how the liberal illuminati are the ones with more violence inside of them. Did anyone of the right act in this manner when Obama won?

December 1, 2008 at 1:31 PM  

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