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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Democrats attempt to disenfranchise voters in Kentucky

From Blue Grass, Red State, and a HT to Just a Grunt from JammieWearingFool comes the story of an effort to toss out the votes -- every vote -- in one particular precinct in Kentucky. If accomplished, it'll hand over a House seat to a Democrat that technically lost the election. But if the votes are tossed, he wins:

When an entire precinct of voters are about to have their votes thrown out by state legislators, you would think that some of those bold first amendment types would step up and sue and embarrass everyone in the process, top to bottom, to be sure that the votes were counted.

Thus far in Kentucky, the disenfranchisement has been accompanied only by awkward silence.

Why? How could they? Could it have something to do with whose votes are being thrown out? Whose seat is up for grabs? I suspect it does.

In the election for the 26th District house seat State Rep. Tim Moore (R) defeated former Rep. Mike Weaver (D), also a failed 2006 congressional candidate, by about 100 votes.

In one Hardin County precinct, there was an issue with a voting machine in which ballots being fed into the machine to be counted were not being counted. The bipartisan team of poll workers replaced the machine and fed the uncounted ballots into the new machine. All of the ballots have been counted twice with little or no variation. Under every scenario, State Rep. Tim Moore defeated Mike Weaver at that precinct, B121 Pine Valley, and in the general election.

County Clerk Kenneth L. Tabb, a Democrat, said proper procedure had been followed. However, Democrats claim that Kentucky law is explicit when it comes to broken voting machine procedure. They say the uncounted ballots should have been kept safe until the end of the day to be counted.

The election results will be certified by Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s office this Friday, where they will be promptly challenged by House Speaker Jody Richards, a Democrat whose leadership has come under intense fire this past year.

Guess what happens then? The challenge will be heard in the House, with Richards presiding over a committee of 5 to 9 other House members, chosen at random. The Democrats hold a majority in the House and chance tells us they will probably be able to stack this challenge committee. If the challenge committee concurs with Richards’ challenge they will have to make a recommendation about how to resolve the conflict.

The resolution that Richards wants to pass is to take away the votes of all 1000+ Kentucky citizens who voted in that precinct because without that precinct’s votes, Democrat Mike Weaver would win the election.

That’s right! Kentucky Democrats want to disqualify 1000+ votes because of a minor error made by a bipartisan team of poll workers which was supported by the County Clerk in order to steal an otherwise fairly fought election!

And the media and other supposed defenders of the disenfranchised are just sitting by waiting for it to happen. Don’t let it happen! Contact the
Kentucky House Democrats now and tell them to let the votes stand.

As Hugh Hewitt wrote not too long ago "If it's not close they can't cheat." We're seeing it happen in Minnesota with Al Franken resorting to dirty tricks to steal the election from Norm Coleman, despite the fact Coleman leads him by 215 votes. AND that election is now certified and heading to recount.

This particular story isn't even about a recount. It's about one party's attempt to disenfranchise over 1000 voters because their guy lost, fair and square. And folks, this is today's modern Democrat party: If they can't win legitimately, they'll cheat to steal ANY close election because all they care about is power and control. To them, the people come in a distant second in their desire for achieving their desires.

Publius II


Blogger knowitall said...

The left-wing illuminati need to give it up. Leave the people alone, they vote how they feel, and too bad not all felt the liberals weren't the answer.

December 1, 2008 at 2:01 PM  

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