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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Issue Up!!

We've got 24 days until Christmas, and while you all are hustling and bustling around to get your Christmas gifts and prepare the house for the guests that'll arrive, some of us are still pondering politics and current events. And today is the first, so that means the new issue of Common Conservative is up and awaiting your perusal.

The Boss starts off this issue with a piece on the PR firm Obama didn't have to hire. These rubes went along willingly.

Marcie and I take a look at the next four years, and it may not be as bad as many are predicting. After all, Obama is a rookie, and will be looking to his Cabinet and advisers to run the show when it gets too tough for him.

Patrick Shanahan and Larry Simoneux are still on hiatus.

Jim McGovern kicks off our guest columnists with a piece that looks at an alternative to the auto bailout.

As a customer of Citigroup and GM, John Lillpop has a response to both companies, and their bailouts.

Richard Geno looks at Bush's legacy with regard to the economic policies right now. We think he's right, though we're not fond of borscht.

Ron Hosea examines the Bush legacy, and doesn't pull punches in looking at the good and the bad.

JJ Jackson insists there won't be a honeymoon for Obama. We agree with that except the "tingling" media is preparing to give him a four year honeymoon.

And Terri Robinson presents the case to remember all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines for the sacrifices they have made to keep this nation safe.

That's it for this issue. Enjoy reading!!

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