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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Useful idiot no longer useful

I wonder if Jimmy Carter is crying about the fact his terrorist budies in Hezbollah don't want to meet with him:

Officials from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah have refused to meet with former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who is in Lebanon, Carter's spokesman Rick Jafculca said Wednesday.

Carter requested the meeting with the Iran-backed movement - which is recognized as a terrorist group by the United States - as part of a two-day visit to Lebanon to assess whether his Atlanta-based Carter Center will monitor parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place by May 2009.

Jafculca confirmed a meeting had been requested with Hezbollah, but added that the group "were not able to meet" Carter.

"I am going to meet with as many of the political parties as possible," Carter had said on Tuesday. "I understand that several leaders of Hezbollah said they were not going to meet with any president or former president of the United States, so I don't know yet."

Keep that stiff upper lip Jimmy (due in no small part to rigor mortis, of course) and don't worry. Your terrorist buddies in Israel still love you. That same goes for Assad in Syria, and I'm sure Ahmadinejad would love to have tea and crumpets with you.

Rumor has it that Hezbollah just posted him up on eBay: "For sale, one used up, washed-up, terrorist-loving former coward-in-chief turned useful idiot. BUY NOW price -- .99 cents!"

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