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Friday, January 16, 2009

New Issue Up!!!!

It's the 16th of the month and that means the new issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for readers to dive in.

The Chief kicks off this issue with an important piece. See, after the election a lot of people said we can come back. We can win the next one. That's not exactly true, and the Chief explains why.

Larry Simoneaux has a list of pertinent thoughts that some of us will find amusing, timely, and even sensible -- even if you are a liberal. (Take special note of his thoughts regarding Caroline Kennedy.)

Marcie and I follow up our previous column on the drama in Chicago with the final chapter of the Burris affair, and show how asinine that whole fiasco was. Of course the only clown involved in that mess was Harry Reid.

The Chief kicks off the guest columns with his piece on the outgoing president's possible legacy.

Carey Roberts hands out an award that the staff missed at the end of 2008 -- the award for Political Incorrectness.

Harold Witkov discusses the Israeli's war with Hamas, and debunks the media narrative that they're targeting civilians in Gaza.

John Lillpop follows up Mr. Witkov's piece by explaining, further, who is really being used and abused in Gaza, and it ain't Hamas, folks.

Doug Patton explains Israel's situation in simple, easy-for-a-liberal to understand terms. Basically, they're dealing with a bully so let them finish the job.

And Ralph Reiland points out the idiocy of the New York Times in an editorial they wrote in late December calling for a $2 to $3 gas tax in an effort to force us to push the auto industry for more eco-friendly, alternative energy vehicles. (Psst! If it were economical, we would already be doing that! The Times misses the fact that we're reasonable adults that can make big decisions like what car to buy.)

That's it for this issue. Head on over, check the authors out, and enjoy reading.

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