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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Thought it was Patriotic to Pay Taxes

So sayeth Vice President Biden on the campaign trail last year, but it is apparent that this is not the case. Tim Geithner obviously did not think Mr. Biden was correct. Today we found out that President Obama's choice to be the "Chief Performance Officer", one Nancy Killefer, did not think it was too patriotic to pay taxes. The New York Times today is calling for Tom Daschle to step down as the nominee for HHS Secretary because of his tax problems. And when you lose your number one cheerleading section, you know you are in trouble.

So what does all this say about the president? It tells us he really has no clue how to pick people that are without blemishes that can cause him headaches. Do we believe that these tax-cheats should not be confirmed? At this point we believe so because we are honestly getting sick of the "it was a mistake" excuse.

If any regular citizen made mistakes like these, they would be looking at jail time. What do these people get? A slap on the wrist and a spot in the Obama Cabinet. The confirmation process has been turned into a three-ring circus, and unfortunately for the president his star performers are working on the high wire without a net, and they are dangerously close to falling.

Some people will say that these problems should not matter, and these people should be confirmed. Mr. Geithner already is confirmed. Nancy Killefer has withdrawn, and the long knives are being pulled out for Mr. Daschle. Many people we know of are not happy with all these compromised people being tapped for high office positions. The problem is that no one wants to oppose any of President Obama's picks. There is no reason why they could not be opposed, and while Mr. Geithner did not pass without some opposition, far too many people jumped on the bandwagon to get him passed through the Senate.

There is a bottom coming up quickly in this circus, and President Obama seems rather aloof as this all plays out. In fact he is showing that he is more of an incompetent, absentee landlord than a president. Between his Cabinet picks and his first foray into foreign policy it is more than apparent that President Obama lacks the common sense to handle the job of president very well at all.



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