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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before long, Barry's supporters will claim a Rovian conspiracy

I'm starting today out a bit ... light-hearted. Barry was on the stump again yesterday and visited Orion Energy Systems to talk about a "greener" United States. The problem is, though, that our "green" president showed the nation his intelligence once again. This time, however, he can't claim his 'prompter screwed him. This was just plain ignorant: (Via the Journal-Sentinel Online)

The idea that led to the founding of Orion Energy Systems received a presidential salute of sorts today.

President Barack Obama just finished speaking at a White House roundtable on clean energy efficiency attended by Neal Verfuerth, Orion president and chief executive. Obama saluted Orion.…

All terrific press for Orion, except that Obama kept pronouncing the company’s name wrong, calling it OAR-ee-on.

After finishing his remarks and talking with a few people, the president returned to the microphone and said his prepared remarks led him to pronounce the firm’s name wrong.

“I suspect this is Or-EYE-on as opposed to OAR-ee-on. Just wanted to make sure that when I’m giving you a plug, that we’ve got the right plug. It’s Or-EYE-on.”

OK, again this might be nitpicky except for the fact that I agree with Jimmie at Sundries Shack. I could pronounce "Orion" correctly when I was five. And while to some this might seem petty and insignificant, I don't see it that way. This guy didn't just step out of the sticks or fall off the turnip truck yesterday. this guy is a Harvard-educated man. Is his way of pronouncing the word "Orion" the way they did it at Harvard yard or something?

So, the many was unprepared for the job he was elected to do, and he's shown his incompetence almost daily. He reneges on promises made to the people for political expediency. He gets testy with the press. He can't give the simplest of statements without relying on that bloody teleprompter. At this point I'm ready to say it. For the media monkeys out there, I don't want to hear one more damn thing about Bush and his supposed inability to speak. Bush didn't make an ass of himself repeatedly, and while he did have the occasional problem with syntax, at least with his gaffes he wasn't making Joe Biden sound like Daniel Webster.

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