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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

John Shadegg Not Caving In On Gitmo

John Shadegg is an Arizona member of the US House of Representatives, and is a staunch conservative. Like us, he was concerned when President Obama signed the executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility because he believed that not enough thought or planning had been put into the decision he made. And as we have seen since then, there obviously was not nearly enough thought behind his decision, and apparently he had not discussed the repercussions with the military commanders. Yesterday, Representative Shadegg introduced a bill into the House to bar the detainees from being housed in any prison or other detention facility on US soil:

Rep. John Shadegg introduced a bill Tuesday that would bar any of the nearly 250 suspected terrorists held at the U.S. detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from being transferred to prisons inside the United States.

President Barack Obama announced in January that he plans to close the detention facility within a year. He has asked the Justice Department to lead a review of what should happen to the remaining detainees, some of whom are expected to be taken in by U.S. allies.

Shadegg, an Arizona Republican, criticized Obama for ordering the closure of the detention facility "without a plan in place to house or process these deadly and sworn enemies of the United States."

"No American family should ever have to worry about their own government placing a terrorist in their community," Shadegg said.

We back his bill, and agree with him wholeheartedly. There is no plan in place, nor a location in the United States secure enough for them, and safe enough for us. Some have speculated the Super-Max facility in Colorado, but even lawmakers in Colorado do not want the detainees there. Fort Leavenworth was also offered up as a viable location, but that, too, is a fool's idea. Fort Leavenworth houses US military individuals that have committed crimes and would not be up to the handling of terrorists.

The detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is the only site that these men can be held safely and securely. We cannot simply let these men out because more likely than not, they will be right back on the field of battle against our soldiers again. The last detainee released that has returned to his old ways is now an al-Qaeda deputy commander in Yemen.

We hope that Representative Shadegg can garner enough support for his bill to get it through the House and the Senate. If not, we could very well see terrorists here on US soil, which presents a danger to the citizens of this nation, and opens new avenues for legal questions about their rights and their detainment.



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