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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Issue Up!!!!

I know, I know, it's not the 1st of the month or the 16th. Some technical difficulties caused the delay of this issue. Just remember, we're not the publisher. We're only staff writers. We feel for the chief, who has dealt with the problems of the Internet. (And that's not just him. lately, we've had problems, too.) But, he finally got things fixed, and the new issue of Common Conservative is up and waiting for all of you.

The Chief kicks off this issue with a piece on the dust-up between Barry and Rush Limbaugh.

Larry Simoneaux takes Eric Holder to task over his comments about race relations in America, and the fact he called us cowards over it. (Hint to Eric Holder: SHUT UP before you embarrass yourself. Oh, too late.)

And Marcie and I round out the staff columns by gauging the first two months of Barry's presidency.

Kicking off the guest articles is Doug Patton who says the GOP will gladly take Rush if the Left will admit they've got Soros on their side.

Robert Owens talks about the fact that the president and Congress are telling us we're going to pay for people who can't make their bills -- bills they knew they were on the hook for, but could never pay in the first place.

Ralph Reiland discusses Barry's view of economics, and how his inability to understand economics is going to screw us.

Richard Geno compares Barry's economics with FDR's New Deal, and he discovers there are similarities! (Yeah, FDR didn't recover the economy back in the 30's, and Barry won't recover this economy, either.)

Carey Roberts talks about yet another myth that Democrats are fond of perpetuating regarding women and wages.

And Dr. T.R. Morris discusses how some people "sell" sin and stifle salvation through how they market themselves, and we're none the wiser.

You folks have fun reading!!

Publius II


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