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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Iran tests a news missile; Barry yawns

OK, he didn't yawn, but he seems rather uninterested in what Iran's doing. The meeting with Bibi Netanyahu didn't go exactly as planned. Netanyahu wants a solid timetable in dealing with Iran, and Barry's response to him was "If you give the Palestinians their state, you'll deter Iran." Barry isn't all that bright is he? Iran is not going to stop it's provocative moves even if the Palestinians do get their state. Netanyahu has stated he is in favor of the continuing peace talks. That should be a deterrent to Iran, right? I mean, Barry said so so it must be true, right? If that's the case why is Iran testing ballistic missiles with a range capable of hitting Western Europe?

Iran announced Wednesday that it successfully tested another "Sajil" missile, a surface-to-surface missile with a range that makes it capable of reaching parts of Europe.

A similar test was carried out in November.

The United States confirmed that Wednesday's test of the missile -- with an approximate range of 2,000 km (1,200 miles) -- was successful, a U.S. intelligence official told CNN. The official did not want to be named for security reasons.

When asked if the missile indicates a new capability for the Iranians, the official said, "it advances the ball somewhat."

The test shows that the Iranians are looking to increase the sophistication of their ballistic missile program, and to increase their weapons stockpile, the official said.

The test should be more of a concern to Europe than to Israel, since previous missiles tested by Iran could already reach the Jewish state, an Israeli official said. ...

The Sajil is a new generation of surface-to-surface Iranian-made missiles that "demonstrates a significant leap in Iran's missile capabilities," Uzi Rubin, the former director of Israel's Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, told Jane's Information Group after the November test.

"Regardless of the success of the test, this missile places Iran in the realm of multiple-stage missiles, which means that they are on the way to having intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities," he said. ...

Iran says the missiles have a range of almost 2,000 km (1,243 miles). If that is true, the missile brings Moscow, Athens and southern Italy within striking distance from Iran, according to Jane's -- which provides information on defense issues.

After the November launch, the United States restated its objection to such tests, saying they violate Iran's obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions. ...

President Barack Obama, who met with Netanyahu on Monday, stuck by his refusal to commit to an "artificial deadline" for Iranian negotiations on its nuclear program. But he also warned that he would not allow such talks, which he expects to accelerate after the Iranian presidential election in June, to be used as an excuse for delay.

He said the United States is not "foreclosing a range of steps, including much stronger international sanctions, in assuring that Iran understands that we are serious."

Serious? Are you kidding me? Iran is already blowing off the UN sanctions that have been slapped on the Islamic state, and Barry thinks new ones will reign in Iran. I guess he really is that stupid.

Iran is working on creating ballistic missiles that can hit Western Europe and the US -- it's version of a deterrent against the West. They are also working on nuclear weapons. The last thing we need is for Iran to get the bomb. Not only could it possibly spark and arms race in the region, but Iran could also use their nukes to blackmail the region. That is actually our bigger concern.

We don't buy the "arms race" argument being made right now amongst the so-called experts. That's not something Iran is concerned with. Why? Because when they do get a nuke, or several of them, they will threaten their neighbors not to pursue the same weapons. They'll have the power in the region, and there are enough hardliners in the regime who wish to reestablish their former empire.

Make no mistake folks, this test sent ripples through the intelligence and defense communities. As one analyst mentioned in the news piece said, Iran's clock is ticking really fast right now, and we're trying to catch up. If we screw this up we're in for some dark days in dealing with Iran. With someone like Barry at the helm we're virtually assured to see Iran get a nuke before his first term is over. That is unless Israel strikes Iran first. We won't do it. I know a lot of people will argue with that, but Barry has no inclination to really send a message to Iran.

He's content with harshly-worded letters and empty sanctions with no teeth. Iran is content to move along at its pace, and achieve their goals. Barr thinks we can negotiate with Iran, and that Iran will negotiate with us in faith. President Reagan had an axiom that is as true today as it was when he said it.

"Trust, but verify."

Learn it, Mr. President because that is the wisdom you should be following when it comes to dealing with Iran.

Publius II


Blogger The Political and Financial Markets Commentator said...

The typical response from this White House is both naive and dangerous, yet the country continues to buy it.

I wrote a similar post today called Iran Tests A new and Improved Missile: Must Be Sanction Talk Time Again.

Keep up the good work.

May 21, 2009 at 6:57 AM  

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