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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rumors and speculation du jour -- Palin may not run for reelection?

That's the speculation coming out of Alaska according to Andy Barr at Politico:

No candidate, including Palin, has yet filed papers with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Palin’s office declined an opportunity to explain her thinking on the 2010 race, and the Republican Governors Association said it would not comment on discussions it has had with the governor.

But a number of Democrats and Republicans in Alaska and Washington who spoke to POLITICO believe her silence is a sign she will not pursue a second term as governor so that she can play a larger role on the national political stage.

At least three Democrats and six Republicans are mulling over runs as they wait on the governor to make her decision.

“There is nothing that she has done that leads me to believe she will seek reelection,” said Andrew Halcro, a former Republican state legislator who ran for governor as an independent candidate in 2006 and is weighing another run. “If you’re Palin, once you’ve flown first class, you don’t go back to coach. She’s been to the show and certainly seemed to like it there.” ...

Alaska pols expect Palin to wait as long as she can before announcing her intentions, in order to keep her options open and to minimize the time she would be a lame duck if she declines to run again.

In 2006, Palin spent $304,000 in trouncing incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski and former state Sen. John Binkley in the Republican primary. In the general, she and running mate Sean Parnell spent an additional $1.15 million to beat former Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles 48 percent to 41 percent.

The Alaska governor would not be able to tap her vast national fundraising network for the statewide race, as Alaska sets a low cap on the amount of money a candidate can raise from outside the state. But her ability to quickly raise cash from around Alaska has been bolstered by her vice presidential run and remains unrivaled, several Alaska sources asserted.

“It’s going to be basically impossible to know what the governor is going to do,” said one potential Democratic candidate. “There is no upside for her in announcing early. She can raise all the money she wants.”

First, let me correct Mr. Barr. Sarah Palin may be a lame duck as governor, but she'd hardly be ineffectual. She has a record of success as governor, and she still has the highest approval numbers of ANY US governor right now. Since 2007 there have been 14 ethics complaints launched against the governor, and just recently she beat the last one -- 14 for 14 which has to have the Left seething that they can't bring her down no matter what they do to her.

Personally, we'd both like to see her stay as governor and still keep the national spotlight by speaking for the conservative cause. She's an excellent spokeswoman for it, and she energizes conservatives around the country. When the Left snickers and throws mud in her direction, we still have the ability to look at them, and with nothing but sarcasm in our choices , point out that she did have the most executive experience of anyone running in 2008. "Wow. I guess we dodged a bullet with her, huh?" The Left's attacks on her are not only childish, but asinine as well. But it shows they've done their homework on her just like we did; they still perceive her as a threat.

What could she do if she doesn't run? She could challenge Lisa Murkowski for her Senate seat, and raise her stock in the national spotlight. And what a refreshing change it would be to have a serious conservative voice in the Congress. (That's not to say we don't have them there now, but she cleaned up the Alaska "Good Ol' Boys" club. That should have the politicos in DC scared sh*tless. She's someone that doesn't play the go-along, get-along game. She works towards results and success. And unlike her former running mate, she's not afraid to name names, take on the status quo, or even take shots at a president who clearly is in over his head.

Whatever her decision, we'll be backing her move. If it's a Senate run, we'll contribute to her election bid (provided Alaska state law permits it), and if she opts for a second term as governor we'll stand beside her as she wins. And make no mistake, she will win. Sarah Palin's political future is far brighter than most prominent Democrats right now. The Democrats in Congress are seeing the writing on the wall that their days might be numbered. That's why the health care bill is stalling in the Congress right now. That's why the cap and trade negotiations fell apart last week. Democrats are hearing from their constituents, and those people aren't pleased. In fact, many of those people plan on taking their frustrations out on their Democrat representatives in 2010.

That's not the case for Sarah Palin. Good luck, governor, on whatever choice you make. Either way you go, conservatives are behind you.

Publius II


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