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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We know health care reform is important, but ...

.... we are still engaged in two hot wars. (Screw Nappy Janet and the whole "overseas contingency operation". They're wars, you ditz.) We are still in Iraq, and will be for years, and we're still in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and al Qaeda. But according to this from CQ the administration wants the military to pony up $60 billion of it's budget in defense cuts. HT to Michael Goldfarb

The military will need to come up with $60 billion in savings over the next five years to pay for new priorities to be set by the Defense secretary, a top Pentagon official said Tuesday.

The order from Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is based on an assumption that there will be no real growth in defense budgets over the next five years, a radical departure for a department whose budgets have increased more than 80 percent since 2001.

Pentagon officials say new spending priorities will be informed by an ongoing review of the nation’s military posture, known as the Quadrennial Defense Review. The review is a deep analysis of the overall structure of the military, meant to guide overall planning and program decisions.

One of the driving factors so far in the evaluation is the prospect that defense budgets largely will be static in fiscal 2011 through fiscal 2015, said David Ochmanek, deputy assistant secretary of defense for force transformation and resources.

The military services must “find offsets” to make room for the new capabilities that Gates wants to add or expand, he said. “They’re now busily looking for those billpayers,” said Ochmanek. “That’s how the zero growth assumption manifests itself.”

In late August, the military services will submit their budgets to the Pentagon leadership, which will use those figures to negotiate with the White House Office of Management and Budget, he said. Pentagon planners hold out hope that more money could be forthcoming.

The $60 billion in offsets will be directed toward research and procurement accounts, Ochmanek said.

OK, look. We're working with the Iraqis only in support capacity, and we're working on furthering the training of their military and security forces. So, in essence, things are winding down in Iraq. But we are in an extremely hot war in Afghanistan. We're not saying that we should maintain the same level of spending from previous years but we shouldn't be cutting our defense spending.

Barry was all hot-to-trot with the Pork-A-Palooza in February. He couldn't wait to spend the money from the $410 billion omnibus pork bill in March. He has been giving money to GM and Chrysler hand over fist. And he's looking forward to breaking our health care system to the tune of trillions. But Barry is asking our military to shed some much-needed money. (I know the report says it's Gates making the request, but he's doing so on the orders of the president.) It's bad enough that Barry ended the F-22 Raptor program in favor of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (which is already two years behind schedule), but to demand the military cut it's spending when it's in a war is simply insane.

We knew he'd do this. We knew he was going to cut back on the military. Carter did it. Clinton did it. Just like Democrat presidents before him we knew Barry would do this, and not bat an eyelash at it. This goes to show what happens when we elect a man who doesn't have a clue how to run the country. It further shows the disdain he has for the military. Instead of the military having to cut back how about if Barry and Congress cut back on some spending. Let's cut some programs that the government shouldn't be involved in. If we really want to cut wasteful spending we could always quit giving subsidies to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood. Here's an idea: Let's get rid of the Department of Education and transfer education back to the states. That'll save us billions alone.\

But Barry won't do that. He'd rather take from the military; the same people we ask to keep this nation safe and secure. Liberals think that we shouldn't be fighting wars, and our enemies will respond to empty threats, rhetoric, and subpoenas. Elections have consequences, and we get to endure this stupidity for the next three-and-a-half years.

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