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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Issue Up!!

Technically, it's still the first of February (11:36 PM AZ Time). Due to difficulties beyond my control (all Google's fault today) it's taken me this long before I can put up the reminder links to the new issue of Common Conservative. Because of this problem, I will time stamp and date all posts posted tomorrow. They will be below this post, so scroll down for updates throughout the day. So, let's get on with the links ...

The Chief explains why Air America is no more. (No word yet as to how he'll explain to the Left why the nation is relieved that this attempt to "dominate" the air waves failed miserably.)

Larry Simoneaux details why there is hope for the nation, and conservatism, in the wake of Scott Brown's election in Massachuetts.

Marcie and I continue our discussion (started on the 16th of January) about the intelligence issues facing the nation, and the dangers in not abiding by the policies put in place by President Bush.

Kicking off the guest columns is J.J. Jackson who throws a dose of cold water on conservatives elated at Scott Brown's victory, and warns that this is only the first shot in a fight that will last much of this year. (In other words, "Don't get cocky," to quote Han Solo.)

Ralph Reiland explains, further, the stupidity of Keith Olbermann, and the Left, in general.

John Lillpop sends a message tot he president that seems to be falling on deaf ears; that being he should listen to the people more instead of lecturing them.

Peary Perry seems to understand what we've been discussing in recent columns, and that the Beltway elite seemed to have forgotten: We're not fighting a conventional war, and we do need information. (So, why was the Christmas Day bomber mirandized so quickly if we needed the intelligence he had? Can Barry and AG Holder explain this one?)

Ron Lipsman looks at the history that the president seems to dislike very much.

George Damroth looks at the financial collapse through a different set of glasses, and he is quite correct that technology may have played a significant role in the collapse.

Enjoy reading, folks!

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