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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"So, this is how liberty dies .... with thunderous applause"

OK, the title of this post might be a tad much. The concept of liberty isn't dead, yet. It is, however, on life support thanks to the continued efforts of Statist Democrats in the US Congress, and the Statist mindset of this president. This morning, after a pep rally, of sorts (complete with tons of applause, flowery rhetoric, and more schtick than you could shake a stick at), in the White House, Barry signed this flawed, unconstitutional piece of legislation. But, dear readers, take heart. Lawsuits are being filed by approximately a dozen states (right now) challenging this "reform" in federal court. Let's face facts here with this issue: The Congress has passed an unconstitutional piece of legislation that can't pass federal court muster. All it takes is one court stepping up, and accepting an injunction proposed by any State to stop this madness, at least for the time being. When that happens, everything goes on hold until the case/suit is dealt with. We have historical precedence to rely on for this hope.

In 2003, the Congress passed, and President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Act. Within hours of the signing of that bill, pro-abortion groups marched into federal court to stop its implementation. For four years the bill languished in the federal courts until the Supreme Court stepped forward, heard the case, and issued a decision upholding the legislation which ended the three-ring circus in the courts. The same can, and will likely, happen with Obamacare.

But it doesn't end there. We will win that round, eventually, but the time to strike is now. The Democrats have overreached in a fast-track bid to enact an agenda that is anathema to the founding principles of America. It is the antithesis of what the Framers established under the Constitution. Today's Democrats have fomented their own demise this coming November, but it doesn't simply end there with a promise to vote them out of office. No, we need a concerted effort to make sure the Democrats pay with their dearest political blood.

Readers know that I'm a regular caller to Hugh Hewitt's radio show, and yesterday Hugh unveiled a pledge penned by his producer "Generalissimo" Duane Patterson. You don't need to sign a bloody thing. Just read it, take it to heart, and make it a part of your daily life through 2012:

I pledge that for the next three years, ending on March 20, 2013, I will spend at least part of my day, six days a week, working to replace Democrats at all levels of state and federal government with Republicans.

I will support the Republican nominee, regardless of my preference in the primary, in all of the House, Senate, and statewide campaigns in 2010. I will also work to elect the Republican presidential nominee, regardless of my primary preference, in 2012. I will not make the mistake again of allowing my apathy lead to a second term of Barack Obama.

I will not be deterred if the Republican Party isn’t unanimous on every issue in the next three years. I understand there will be disappointments in the months and years ahead, probably several of them. But those disappointments pale in comparison to the arrogance and recklessness shown by the Democratic Party.

I will contact my county Republican headquarters, and ask how I can best help this fall. I will stay in touch with them right through the 2012 presidential campaign. I will walk precincts, make phone calls, e-mail, use social media, whatever it takes to remove the Democrats from the halls of power.

I will resist the temptation of the third party movement, and instead encourage the Tea Party activists and independents to give the Republicans one more chance at leadership.

I will work to bring a Republican governor and Republican legislatures in my state. Redistricting will begin next year after the results of the Census, and Republicans drawing the new Congressional lines will make regaining power easier.

I will especially take an active interest in state attorney general races, like John Eastman in California, www.eastmanforag.com, as it will be up to the state AG’s to engage in the legal battle on which Obamacare will next have to be fought.

I will make an effort to win back the 18-25 year olds who are now feeling buyer’s remorse at having voted for hope and change in 2008. They are disillusioned with what they’ve seen, they’re now open to reason, and I will more actively engage with this generation to convince them that their home should be in the Republican Party.

That's all there is to it. All it needs are those willing to do what the pledge stands for. In 2006 the Democrats re-took Congress in a disheartening midterm election. In 2008, no one expected the drubbing we'd take in Congress. After all, the federal government works better when one party doesn't have overwhelming control of the Executive and Legislative branches. President Bush NEVER had the majorities in Congress the Democrats have right now. With the election of Barry, Democrats took the reins of power and haven't stopped running yet.

They have spent this nation into virtual bankruptcy.

They have illegally seized control of two American car companies.

They have instituted questionable oversight of the banking industry and mortgage industry.

They are dictating the pay of executives in companies that "accepted" bailout money.

They have passed the controversial S-CHIP program, and stuck the States with the bill.

They have run roughshod over the Constitution, and its protections -- guaranteed protections -- for the people and the States.

And now they've passed a health care/health insurance reform bill that will destroy 1/6th of the US economy, cause at least a quarter of health care professionals to seek employment in another field, raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of Americans and businesses, and not solve one bloody problem in the health care/health insurance industries.

So read and take that pledge. Work towards making sure a majority of Democrats are unemployed this coming November. YES, dear readers, we know the Republicans pi$$ed away their majorities with their Democrat-lite policies under President Bush. But let's put the past where it belongs right now. We're not saying to forget what the GOP did.

We're saying let bygones be bygones.

This nation can't survive with Democrats at the helm. With them running the show, it's like running to the bridge of the Titanic before it hits the iceberg only to find Daffy Duck at the helm.

They have an agenda that a majority of Americans are rejecting. They voted for change. Fault them if you want to for their imbecilic choice; in believing the campaign rhetoric of 2008. But they're waking up now, and they see that what they voted for isn't what's in Washington, DC right now. Last year Rasmussen Reports had numbers showing Independents literally running away from Democrats because they saw that the Democrats not only didn't fulfill their promises, but that their agenda was contrary to what Americans wanted. Elections are made or broken by Independents. The Democrats don't have their full-throated support any longer. They have, quite literally, pi$$ed it away int he course of three years.

People are ticked, and they're going to take it out on the Democrats at the ballot box this fall. But the message won't be sent by the usual wonks, political-junkies, and regular voters. We need a serious outreach to those who are apathetic about voting. This is, after all, their country too, and the party in charge is doing its level-best to wreck it. To the Democrats, their enacting change for the better. To the average American, Democrats are taking a wrecking ball to the nation that we love dearly.

Contribute to the NRCC here and send the first message to Democrats this fall. Get out and volunteer for the GOP. Hell, run for office yourself against one of these Statist @$$hats. We need to send these Leftist liberals into the wilderness for decades to come; a reminder of what happens when you really raise the ire of the electorate. We, the people are the power in this nation, not the government. The government derives its power from the people, and when the people get angry enough, they toss out those who are abusing their power. For the Democrats, that comes this November.

It's time to get involved and punish the Democrats for their selfish, petulant, power-hungry trip. "Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!" We are facing a war this year, but it's one where no blood will be shed, save political blood. And in this fight there can only be one side on the winning end of things. Let's make sure it's our side, and let's make sure the lesson sticks this time; hopefully ending the Statist's desire to ruin this nation.

Publius II


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