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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is today's Democrat party

I hate to speak in general terms because not all Democrats that we know are unhinged, moronic lunatics. But a great deal of them are; most notably those under age 40, or so. It's especially true with the much younger, activist-minded Democrats that have been indoctrinated to be foot soldiers in a "cause" that makes no logical sense whatsoever.

It has become known over the last couple of days that several, left-wing activists are planning to infiltrate the Tax Day Tea Parties across the country and smear those protesters. From Jason Levin, one such idiot:

Jason Levin, creator of http://www.crashtheteaparty.org, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15 — tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

“Every time we have someone on camera saying that Barack Obama isn’t an American citizen, we want someone sitting next to him saying, ‘That’s right, he’s an alien from outer space!’” Levin said…

Levin says they want to exaggerate the group’s least appealing qualities, further distance the tea party from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them.

“Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not,” Levin said. “Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely.”

For the record, Mr. Levin, the vast majority of Tea Party protesters aren't holding up retarded signs about the president's birth certificate. The vast majority aren't shouting racial slurs. The vast majority of Tea Party protesters are out there, utilizing their First Amendment right to gather and protest (right to assemble, petition for a redress of grievances), in opposition to the massive spending and impending higher taxes that will be levied on them.

See, the Left only gathers to let it's nuts run amuck. Remember all of those antiwar/anti-Bush rallies held from 2001 to 2006, or so? They weren't just antiwar/anti-Bush nuts that attended those protests. (Head on over to Zombie's site, and scroll down the left-hand column for photo essays of some of these liberal rallies.) Not only do these people trash the area that they protest (Tea Partiers clean up after themselves), but you get every nut in the liberal closet coming out, including proud, self-proclaimed Communists, Anti-Semites, out-and-0out racists, and the scrotum-enlargement nutbags. (Look folks, I'm not saying conservatives don't have their share of nuts in the tree, but whereas we might knock a couple loose if we shake that tree, you shake theirs and you might get crushed by the amount of nuts that come falling out of it.)

I'll be attending the Tea Party rally on Thursday at the state capital in Phoenix. And I can assure you that these saboteurs are idiots: Do they really think they'll be allowed into these protests if they plan on making @$$es of themselves, and then blaming it on the protesters? Seriously? I attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Phoenix last year, and we had a couple of rabble-rousers that tried to cause trouble. Both of those nuts were "escorted" to the nearest police officer who promptly took them into custody (drunk and disorderly was the charge for one of them; harassment was the charge for the other one).

So if you're planning on joining up with the Tea Partiers with the sole goal of making an @$$ of yourself, save your breath, and don't waste your time. The Tea Party people are aware of this potential to sabotage their protest. You won't be welcome. You'll likely be driven out of the protest. And you just might end up on the receiving end of a severe @$$ beating. That's how fed up we, the people, are right now with this radical, Alinsky-esque machine. While Alinsky might have been a "mentor" to many of those in Barry's administration, while he might have been a favorite author for many of these liberal activists, they're about to get a rude awakening.

The Tea Party people are right in line with the original radicals -- The Founders and Framers. And I'll cast my lot with them before I throw in with a bunch of nutters that haven't accomplished squat.

Publius II


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