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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Team Barry doesn't have time to deal with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ...

... but he has plenty of time to do a whirlwind fundraising tour for Democrats in California, especially for Senator Barbara Boxer:

President Barack Obama began a 19-hour sweep into the Bay Area on Tuesday night to raise money for Democrats and visit a Fremont solar plant that has become a poster child for his administration's stimulus bill.

Obama attended a series of fundraisers for Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is facing a fierce battle in the fall to win a fourth term. It was his second trip to California in as many months to assist the liberal Democrat.

"We've got a lot on our plate right now, so I don't travel for just anybody," Obama told Democratic donors Tuesday night at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel. "But when it comes to Barbara Boxer, I'm a lot like you: When she calls and says she needs help, we're gonna give her some help."

HT to Hugh Hewitt for that story, and I'd like to point out that there isn't one mention in the story about Barry doing a damn thing about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It's now Day 36 since the Deepwater Horizon exploded, and millions of gallons of oil began flooding the Gulf. The New York Times has an interactive map showing the extent of the spill as of 24 May.

Governor Bobby Jindal is fighting mad that the federal response has been beyond slow to act. In fact, he's willing to to go to jail, if that's what it takes, to build the barriers he's been screaming for since the slick occurred. His fishing economy is wrecked, thanks to the slow response from Team Barry. The Army Corps of Engineers has to approve of the permits to build the barriers he's proposing, but they're too busy studying the environmental impact of putting those barriers up.

HELLLOOOOO? What about the environmental impact of millions of barrels in the Gulf, washing up on the Louisiana coast, the Florida coast, etc. It's clear that Team Barry doesn't give a rat's ass about the oil slick, but, by God, when Barbara Boxer calls, he leaps into action.

This is a disgusting display of incompetence and partisanship that should have every voter in America calling for the president's political skull on a platter. The press and liberal sycophants savaged President Bush for the federal response to Hurricane Katrina (though they forget that legally he couldn't do one damn thing until Governor Kathleen Blanco opened up her inept yap, and asked for help) but they're not going after Barry. President Bush was on top of the hurricane before it's second landfall -- the one that devastated New Orleans -- and federal response was on the ground 48 hours after Katrina had savaged the Gulf coast region. Barry waited twelve days to even take notice of the spill, and now, 36 days later, he's throwing tantrums and hissy-fits over stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf.

This spill is Barry's Katrina. He owns this. And his actions -- jetting off to San Francisco for Democrat fundraisers -- shows everyone exactly what he thinks of this nation when a disaster strikes it. He doesn't care. His frustration is apparent and that frustration comes from the fact that he is in over his head. This is what happens when the nation elects inept, narcissistic, and ill-prepared leaders.

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