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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A different sort of compromise

The immigration bill is returning. Cry, weep, gnash your teeth, and get angry. As Peter Finch cried in Netowrk "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" But there's something to take into account, and it's something we may want to bring up when we call our senators. (Start now, get in early before the lines fill: 202-224-3121.) There is a judge coming down the pipe that's being held up. His name is Leslie Southwick, and he's been appointed to the Fifth Circuit Court. The nutters, as Confirm Them shows, have a problem with this judge. And, of course the Democrats have a problem with him. Color us surprised.

Judge Southwick is an excellently qualified judges who is being maligned by special interest groups, and Democrats alike. But we should remind Senator McConnell of his promise to shut down business if this nominee is held up. It appears that Judge Southwick is having that happen to him. (HT: Hugh Hewitt.)

Remind them that holding up Southwick is a deal breaker, and the GOP shouldn't consider one piece of legislation until Southwick is allowed his up-or-down vote. That goes double for the immigration bill. Filibuster the damn legislation if they need to, but there should be ZERO consideration on anything until Southwick is released.

Of course we still continue to stand against the immigration legislation, and Senator McConnell should make it clear that just by allowing Judge Southwick to come to the Senate's floor doesn't mean the GOP is going to roll over for the president. Amendments, review, and debate is still needed on the immigration bill. But to send the message to poor Harry Reid that this sort of delay is unacceptable, Senator McConnell should inform him that if he brings this to the floor before Judge Southwick's vote means the bill is DOA. Stand lock-step opposed to the bill's cloture, and kill it.

This isn't extreme, folks. This is proper. The Democrats have done this for six years to the president's nominees, and it's high time the party locates a spine, and stops this sort of obstruction.

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