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Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Column Up!!

It's that time of the month again, and our new column is up at Common Conservative and do we have some doozies this time around. (As always, this post will stay at the top of the page for the next day to send people over to read the fine work on display; updates are below this post.)

First up is the boss's solution to the immigration problem, and from the looks of it, he has a better idea than the monkeys in the Senate.

Patrick Shanahan also weighs in on the non-comprehensive reform fiasco winding it's way back through the Senate.

Larry Simoneax observes that while Hank Aaron wishes Barry "BALCO" Bonds all the best, he won't be showing up for the inevitable day that his record is broken by the cheater. (Personally, I'm on Hank's side; I'm ticked that today's modern ballplayers have to cheat to achieve something theyu couldn't do on raw talent, like the greats of the past did.)

And, as promised, Marcie and I lower the boom on John McCain. (Careful to avoid that grease-spot we just made of his campaign.)

Our Guest Arcticles are kicked off by a very important story. Lori Cutshall tells us the story of one Ronald Todd Sanders. Mr. Sanders has served this nation proudly, and he is fighting to live. Exposed to chemical agents in the clean-up from Desert Storm/Desert Shield, he is slowly dying. The military refused to acknowledge that chemical agents were on any of the debris that his unit was tasked to clean up until 1996. Read it, folks because this is important. There is no excuse for anyone treating our soldiers like this. And yeah, this is personal to us. Marcie's brother is serving in Afghanistan, and if he were treated like this, I'd want some heads on a platter.

Jim Kouri talks about William Jefferson and gives him far more attention than his own party did.

Sher Zieve reminds people that it's not racist to oppose amnesty. It's common sense.

Doug Patton notices that John Edwards's "two Americas" is reflected in the heart of the immigration debate.

Chris Adamo talks about the slow descent into "third-world" status, and yes, he's talking about our nation doing the slippery slope slide.

Finally, Carey Roberts talks about Paris Hilton and why we should not allow women like her to be placed above the law.

As always, enjoy the reads, especially the one by Ms. Cutshall, and feel free to e-mail any thoughts or comments.

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