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Monday, July 30, 2007

An Examination In Thinking

This dawned on me today, and I find it disgusting. The New Republic allowed a soldier in Iraq to put together a piece that defamed our soldiers. They are sociopaths. They are thugs. They are uncaring, unfeeling loose cannons that are capable of just about any sort of abusive behavior.

The Left elevates Scott Thomas Beauchamp to a pedastel, and lauds his bravery for speaking, as they would say, "truth to power."

Michael O'Hanlon, Kenneth Pollack, and John Burns speak about what they saw in Iraq, with regard to the "Surge's" early success. They talk about how Anbar's violence is greatly decreased. That Iraqi forces are taking the lead on many missions. That security -- the military side of the equation -- is working. The Left responds by attacking them. They are sell-outs. They are lying. Someone in Iraq twisted their arm.

What is their motivation for lying? Seriously, because no one on the Left is explaining that accusation. They sold out? For what? An interview with a soldier, or something like that? General Petreus, as John Burns explained yesterday in the Hewitt interview, has insisted that his commanders make themselves available to media -- be they new media or MSM -- so that the real story of what is occurring abroad gets out. The accusations pass the sniffer test about as much as Private Beauchamp's embellishments do.

But this does speak a great deal about the Left and their thinking. Basically speaking, if you "tow the line," i.e., you continue to say what the moonbats say, and give a de facto "loyalty" oath to those beliefs, you are safe. Go off the reservation, and it will take a miracle of "Goracle" proportions to bring you back into the fold.

Thomas highlighted this this morning in his addendum to his late night post on the good news out of Iraq. See, the Left is not simply arguing with Mr. O'Hanlon, Mr. Pollack, and Mr. Burns. They are savaging them. A classic example is John Murtha's response to the op-ed they wrote which is "It's an illusion."

It is not an illusion. It is working. All we need to do is give them the time they have asked us for, and that the Congress promised them they would have.



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