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Thursday, July 26, 2007

McCain losing ground here in Arizona

That's the report from CNN's Political Ticker:

Republican Sen. John McCain is slipping in polls in his home state of Arizona.

According to a new survey from the American Research Group, Sen. McCain had previously polled at 45% in February, and is now at 32 percent in July. His decline appears to be tied to the rise of former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who has not yet formally announced his candidacy for president.

Sen. Thompson received 15 percent of the votes among likely GOP voters in the new poll.

We predicted that Fred would bleed a couple of the candidates, namely Rudy and McCain, but we also said that he would bleed McCain the most. Fred is running on a platform of small government and federalism, while McCain is banking on the "maverick" image that has so infuriated the base. If you listen to the talking heads on CNN or MSNBC, or read any of the MSM newspapers, they keep blaming the slip on his stance with regard to Iraq.

For the record, John McCain was done before he started, and it wasn't all due to Iraq. We can go back to 2001 with campaign finance reform (or as we "lovingly" call it, the "incumbent protection act). Fast forward to 2005, and McCain hurt himself with the Gang of 14 deal that kept the filibusters in place for judicial appointments. And who can forget the snafu this year with the Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill?

John McCain's done this to himself all along. He lacks the charisma that Rudy shows, and he lacks the ideas of Fred Thompson when it comes to government. Remember that John McCain has stood by the idea of being fiscally conservative, yet the amnesty bill would have cost the taxpayers, in the long run, over two trillion dollars. That's not being fiscally smart, at all.

We've made no bones about the fact we can't support him. If he becomes the nominee (and that's a BIG 'IF') we will of course vote for him, but it will be one that is cast while we're holding our noses. Of course we don't think he'll make it to the nomination. Right now there are doubts if he'll even make it to New Hampshire and Iowa. Those prospects are looking extremely bleak as he continues to lose campaign people, and hemorrhage cash from the funds he's raised.

Right now, John McCain is doing his best impression of Captain Edward Smith as his own ship slips beneath the icy waters of political failure.

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