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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The GOP YouTube Debate

Yesterday it was announced that the GOP YouTube debate on the 17th of September might have a couple of missing candidates. Yesterday afternoon, Thomas weighed in on the issue. While I do see things from his point-of-view, I must respectfully disagree with him.

First of all, the questions will be chosen by the news outlet in question -- CNN in this case, I believe. So the idea that he floated and that Patrick Ruffini mentioned with regard to the questions I sincerely doubt. While they may try to put on the facade of being "fair" with the choice of the questions, more than likely they will not.

Hugh Hewitt brings word that only two candidates have accepted the invites to the 9/17 debate: Ron Paul and John McCain are the only two that have accepted the invitations. Typical. Representative Paul will be right at home amongst those that use snowmen to convey a question about global warming.

Look, I know the YouTube is new and it is "semi-revolutionary" but for the most part that medium reminds me of the average Tom, Dick, and Harry that are like Steven Thomas Beauchamp; they are looking for their five minutes of fame, and eventually some poor fool will stumble across their video. ((YAWN)). Ladies and gentlemen, we are choosing the next president of the United States, not trying to rehash Rowen and Martin's "Laugh In." We prefer to see a serious debate, not one contrived by CNN to provide a moonbat, "Gotcha" moment.

The Democrat YouTube debate from this past Monday was a mockery. Thomas and I watched it and it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. Looking back on the questions themselves gave us the feeling that these people knew little about the formulation of a fair question, but they sure knew how to be overtly partisan, and faintly emotional. (On a side note, we do feel for the woman with breast cancer. Sabrina was diagnosed with it, but was able to beat it, so do not think for a moment we are that callous.)

But the questions were terrible. They were foppish, amateurish, and more than a couple were just plain dumb. When all was said and done, I am sure the Democrats were agreeing never to have a debate like that again. They would have been better off taking up the FOX News debate.

And that brings me to another point. The people who are comparing the Republicans to the Democrats if they pull out of this debate (a la the Democrats pulling out of the FOX debate) the comparison is all wrong. The Republicans have already proven that they are unafraid to deal with any media outlet. The Democrats remain scared of FOX. I would not equate the YouTube debate with a media outlet. All CNN did was choose the questions from hundreds of entries. Aside from that, and introducing the YouTube videos, CNN was a glorified time keeper.

I disagree that it is a mistake for the GOP to pull out of the debate. As I said above we are choosing the next POTUS, not who is going to run the chess club, or Student Body president. Seriousness and professionalism are must-haves in debates of this magnitude. The YouTube crowd lacks both.