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Monday, July 23, 2007

Update On The New Republic Piece

Dinner is almost ready so I will make this quick. Bryan @ Hot Air,/li> has updates on the story being spun by Mr. Foer. He is switching his story, or the agenda journalists are helping him out.

Please, go there and see how the media is helping them out. They are trying to help the New Republic to keep the lies going about "Scott Thomas." I will leave you with the quote from the Multi-National Force--Iraq:

“We are aware of what was written under a pseudonym. Its writer is unknown as are his motives. We hold soldiers to the highest standards and the allegations made are completely inconsistent with those expectations. In the absence of any credible information or independent corroboration, we presently have no reason to believe it.”

MAJ Alston

That is their official response. Ours is equivalent. Without proof or corroboration we cannot accept the story as is. Until such proof is presented, there is no reason to believe it whatsoever.



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