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Monday, July 9, 2007

McCain Staffers Gone; Campaign Dying? We Could Only Hope

Allah nails it.

So does Hugh.

Somebody sound taps. Turn out the lights, and say goodnight, Gracie:

John McCain jettisoned two top aides Tuesday, the one-time Republican front-runner struggling to right a presidential bid in deep financial and political trouble.

Campaign manager Terry Nelson and chief strategist John Weaver offered McCain their resignations, which the Arizona senator accepted with "regret and deep gratitude for their dedication, hard work and friendship."

Other senior aides followed the two out the door, and the campaign announced that Rick Davis, who managed McCain's 2000 bid and the current campaign's chief executive officer, will take over.

The second major staff shake-up in a week comes as McCain grapples with several problems, not the least of which are his dwindling bank account of some $2 million and slippage in opinion polls. He also has staked out politically unpopular positions on two key issues—the Iraq war and immigration—that have hindered his candidacy.

Considered the GOP front-runner as the year began, McCain now faces significant hurdles to winning the Republican nomination that eluded him seven years ago. The senator is essentially restarting his campaign six months before the first voting begins.

John McCain was the perceived front-runner until the first polls came out, and Rudy Giuliani started kicking his tail all over the political map. No amount of MSM spin can change that. He is not the man he projected back in 2000 which was a maverick sort of senator that the base could live with. When McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy, and the Gang of 14 deal rolled around. then the base realized they could not trust this man. Worse yet, the MSM incorrectly states that it is the Iraq War that has deteriorated support for his campaign because he is a supporter of it. That is not even close to the real truth.

The base decided a long time ago that John McCain, while a great American, is a terrible senator and a digustingly lousy senator. We know. He is, after all, ours to claim. The recent releases of campaign workers -- at the end of the First Quarter, and the end of the Second Quarter, now -- signals that his campaign is on life support. It is as dead in the water as the Titanic was as it started it's ill-fated sinking. Say goodnight, ladies and gentlemen, because he should be folding the tents very soon.



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